Sasural Simar Ka 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 31st January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Simar asks Jhanvi what is wrong with her ? She says I wanna run away from everything related to shaureya but his name comes in front of me all the time. Simar says don’t take what rani said seriously. She doesn’t know us and you. We should always be strong to face everything.

Scene 2
Simar says to Roli that i am really worried about Jahnvi she gets irritated very easily. Roli says we should give her a litlle time. I am worried about Sonia jee. let me ask sid if he asked sonia ji or not. She calls him but he says he forgot to talk about it. He will once he get home.

Scene 3
Rani is going down stairs. She says I have to do this in order to make my plan successful. She sneaks in Sonia’s room. She says this is the right time. Sonia has

left the room already. She open her closet and starts rummaging through it.
Roli says how about talking to Sonia ji our selves. Simar says all right but be careful we don’t have any proofs against Rani.
Rani is having a file in her hand that she got from Sonia’s closet. Roli and Simar enter the room but Rani hides in the room. Roli and Simar sit there and wait for Sonia. She prays that they leave. Simar says lets go Roli. Sonia comes in the room. Roli says we wanted to talk about Rani. I have notices that she is alwyas around you and your room I wanted to make you careful. I have no proofs but she is weird. Sonia says there is nothing doubtful but I will be careful and ask the manager to check her background. Rani wonders how can she run away. Sonia starts moving towars where Rani is hidden. She wonders how the cupboard is open. She locks it and Rani is inside. Rani says what will happen now she will stay there. She wonders what to do.
Roli enters the room and says sonia ji asked me to take the file. She opens the lock but them remembers that she said its on the other side. She opens the side where Rani is hidden. Sankal comes in and says sid is calling you. Roli says to Sod that she will be taking the file to the office. Sid says a copy is alreday here so there is no need for you to come. Roli says i thought we’d go on a lunch. Sid says we will go on a dinner okay ? Roli says okay. Sankal makes fun of her. They both go out and rani comes out of the closet and starts running. She strikes with simar. Simar says i have been looking for you where were you ? She says I was cleaning the room of sonia ji. Rajesh tole me that sonia ji wants her room to be cleaned twice. Simar says that’s okay go and clean jhanvi’s room.

Scene 4
Jhanvi comes in the living room. Sujata asks how was your first day jhanvi ? Mata ji asks was everything okay ? Jhanvi says yes everything was okay mata ji. jhanvi thinks please forgive for lying to all of you but I have to remove this sign of shaureya in my womb. Sujata says jahnvi needs us, I think she is not okay. Mata ji says yes you should talk to her about her problems. Sujata goes to her room and says jhanvi I am going to shopping tomorrow will you come with me ? Jahnvi says I really don’t wanna go on shopping, take bhabhi. Sujata says we have move on in life and strive for a better change. Jhanvi says I know i am trying to get shaureya out of my heart. just want your support. Sujata says we are always with you. Jhanvi’s reports are out of her purse, she is worried what what will happen if sujata sees it. Jhanvi hugs her and puts the reports in the bag so sujata can’t see it. Sujata says my hearts says that my lord has saved your happiness. Jhanvi says i want to eat a sweet will you make it for me. Sujata says why not.

Scene 5
Rani enters Sonia’s room and says i will become the rali rani(queen) one day. I will accomplish my mission. She sees Sonia’s laptop and tries to open. She says that video must be in this computer but what will happen if i get caught last time btu I have to do this. She says its an open chance. Before they end up with the banquet i should get that video. She couldn’t use the laptop. Roli and Simar enter the room and are dazed.

Precap- Sonia is sleeping in her room and some one comes i with a knife to kill her. She screams.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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