Sasural Simar Ka 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 30th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Janvi is in front of Shaureya he says i know what you think of me. A bad rich guy but this also truth that this bad guy has fallen in love with you. Iw ill change myself for you. Janvi says people like you can only aggravate things. The one who has no sentiments for others can never love anyone. You threw all the patients out of this ward. She is leaving. He calls attul and asks him is every patient alright? Attul says yes they are so happy that they are now in the best hospital and you are paying their bills. He says to janvi that you said my parents have not taught me anything. Truth is that i never got my parents love. I want to be good and you only can make me. I just have a sister. Your love can change me. Just give me a little time. How about having a dinner

with me? A hospital staff brings in the dinner he says look dinner is ready as well i won’t consume your much time.
He strolls over and is bringing dinner in himself. A nurse says he love you so much i wish i could get a guy like him. Let me show you what has he done for you.

Scene 2
Uma says to Pari that you made me happy today. Now take care of yoyr son. You should thank God that your mom is here with you otherwise Simar would have got all the praise. Simar comes in and asks Pari does she need anything? Peri says no thanks. Uma says is that gold bangles in Anjali’s wrists? Simars says yes. uma says it saves kids from bad eye views. Look at my Aarav he is empty handed i should have brought gold for him. Simar says that he won’t be missing anything till we are here. Simar gives anjali’s bangles to Uma. Pari says that its Anjali’s. Simar says its okay consider it a gift from Anjali. Uma wears Aarav the bangles.

Scene 3
Nurse shows Janvi that teh arrogan rich boy is decorating the dinner table himself for you. This is not the Shaureya we used to know. Shareuya says everything is reday. Janvi will you like to do a dinner with me please? The mate nurse asks her to say yes. She nods. He pulls a chair out for her. She sits. Candles are lightened all over the room.

Scene 4
Sujata is worried about Janvi. She says i am going to bring her. Roli stops her and says i will make her a call.

Scene 5
Shaureya says that this is the first time i am doind a formal dinner with a girl. I did once but with my sister. She won’t believe that i am with a girl. I will make you meet her. Roli calls her. She says she is alright she will be back in a moment. Shaureya says convey my thanks to your bhabhi. She made me realize that atleast you are fine doing dinner with me otherwise you wont have said you will take a little time. This is a new beginning. We were enemies and are now friends. And will be until i don’t make it to your heart.

Scene 6
Mausi ji and Mataji are talking about the dishes uma made. mataji says she is our guest we sould not make her unhappy. Mausi ji says that her intentions are not good. She is such a drama.

Scene 7
Sujata is calling everone in the living room. What happened? Everyone asks Janvi comes in. She kisses her forehead. Sujata says we have not spent enough time together and you are about to wed. A really good proposal has come for our Janvi. Roli says looks like you have got your prince. Everyone is busy for the arrangements.

Scene 8
Baby is about to fall from pari’s hands. Simars carries
aarav and says you should have a hand on his back. Uma shouts simar. She says i asked you to let
pari take care of her child. Why you try to become his mom?

Roli says that there is no difference between a girl and a boy. Uma says that these things are just good to hear but everyone knows reality. Mataji says i am sorry to says but uma ji when you were busy in shopping this Simar treated aarav like her own child. don’t ever use these kinds of words for our daughter in law again

Update Credit to: Atiba

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