Sasural Simar Ka 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vadahi texts simar. She is on her way. Piyush reads her text. He says plan has worked. I am reaching temple. Vikram calls Vadhai. Vadahi picks the call. Vikram says I just recalled the briefcase I gave you is locked. Tell me where you are I will come to give you the key. Vadhi says I will manage don’t worry. Driver says madam your shiv mandir is here. Vadhai says vikram I will manage don’t worry. Vikram hears her location. He says now see what I do with you vadahi. siamr says I am so worried for Vadahi. Vikram is on his way too. He reaches near the temple. Ge gets out of his car. His tyre has punctured. He asks a man where is shiv mandir? He says half an hour from here. Vikram calls his mechanic. Vikram runs towards the temple. He snatches Vadhi’s bag. She says leave my bag. Vikram takes out the camera and says what is this? He keeps the camera. Vadhi says gives me that camera vikram. Vikram shoves her. Vadhai’s head hits the stairs, it bleeds. Vikram leave. Vadhai says stop. Vikram says don’t follow me. He shoves her again. Vadahi faints.
Simar and Piyush see Vadhai’s purse. SImar says the camera isn’t there. They look for vadhi. Simar sees her she asks who did all this? When did this happen? Vadhi says Vikram came here he took the camera. Simar says where did he go. Vadhi points at him. Vikram is sitting in his car to leave. Simar runs towards his car and stands in front of his car. Vikram gets out of his car to run. Piyush stops him and says why in so hurry vikram? SImar slaps Vikram. SImar says enough of your game. I will expose you.

Scene 2
Simar comes to Vikram’s home and calls everyone
Simar calls everyone is hall. Anajli says I am sure she has another drama ready. I trust vikram. I won’t care what she says. SImar says I wanna tell the truth none of you believed. I had no proof but today I do. Piyush plugs in the video. Vikram says in video. Take the money this is what you needed. Its full. Agarwal recalls Vikram taking money. Vikram throttles vadahi in the video. He says everything in the video. Everyone is dazed.
Vikram repeats all his sins. He says I bribed police to arrest you. I did all this. Anjali leaves VIkram’s hand. Everyone is shocked. Mataji says this means Vadhi was right. That Vikram kidnapped her. You all hid this from us? Vadahi please forgive us. Are you okay? Mataji hugs her. Piyush says this is the reality of this vikram. Prem grasps VIkram by collar. Prem says you ruined a girl’s life and then married my daughter by fooling us? Saroj says he did a mistake. SImar says if it was a mistake he won’t have done this again with vadhi. Saroj says I came to talk. Simar says but you lied. Prem says your son ruined a girl’s life and married my daughter. He fooled us. This is not a mistake its a sin. I fought my family because of this vikram. I trusted him. Prem is about to punch vikram. Anjali starts crying. She says no dad please no. Prem stops. Prem breaks all the glasses on the table. Simar says Prem ji please calm down. Prem says how can I? What will happen with my daughter. Simar says you all saw what hiding truth is? You all are part of his sin because you knew the reality. Agrwal says you are right we hid his sin. We all apologize you. Tao ji says Vadhi please pardon us. We thought it would all end that day when you came here. Saroj says vadadhi we didn’t teach him this all our lives. Agarwal says vadhai I beg your pardon. Vikram says dad no please. I am the sinner. I should be punished not you. He says please blame me all of you not my dad tai and tao ji. I can’t bear any harm to them. That is why I did that. Vadhai’s dad was a judge. His one decision ruined our happiness. My dad became wheelchair bound. I know that it was not vadhai’s mistake but was is my dad’s? He paid for something he never did. He was sent to jail. He was insulted because of her dad. SImar says what happened with your dad was wrong but two wrong doesn’t make one right. You punished vadahi? Did that lessen your dad’s trouble? no. Look at him today his head is down in front of us. If what you did could help he then why is he like this today? He is scared to lose his sin. Prem says the sinner will be punished. Anjali is dazed.

Precap-Police comes to arrest Vikram. Anjali says Vikram.. Prem stops her. Anjali says what will I do with this life? I don’t wanna live. She locks herself in the room. Everyone runs upstairs. They are surprised when they enter the room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. May be its a dream for simar

  2. May be its a dream for simar

  3. Precap is not a dream anjali is trying to do sucide so everyone is surprised..

  4. Vikram kidnapped vaidehi only for revenge…in all other sense he is a good guy…and he also loves anjali a lot…i felt very bad that when the the proof was shown, it did not show the portion where vikram says about his love for anjali….there werent any necessary to make vikram arrested…he asked sorry and i think it was enough and he should be allowed to start a new life with anjali(here they should have looked how sinciere his love is for anjali)…it came out very bad that they get anjali’s husband arrested…no one is even going to get any gain from that …it wud always remain as a blackmark in anjalis life…I wnt vikram and anjali to be reunited soon..

  5. I hope so it will not a dream sequence……

    I think the track is take some speed…….

    Please make Anjali understands Simar and accept her brother Piyush also.

    And please bring Sanju and Sid back soon………

    Vikram is also a nice guy, they all need to clear his mind from revenge to Vaidhehi and unite with Anjali…………… because she is his wife now and let her live her life from now on…………
    She will be very upset and stressed by the fake love from KB.

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