Sasural Simar Ka 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Calendar says i don’t know what happened to ambulance afterwards. I fainted when i was thrown out. a cop comes and says sir we have found two injured women. prem rushes there with inspector. Its roli and simar. they are both faint. Prem puts water on their faces. He says get up simar. amar comes there. Amar says roli open your eyes. she sits down. simar looks at roli. Amar says calendar is in the car, we have to leave this place. prem says where is sid simar? roli starts crying. prem says roli? why are you crying? its all fine, relax. tell me how did all this happen? simar holds prem hand and points at the fire down the cliff. its the ambulance. simar says we were in ambulance. Drive got to know that brakes have failed. Calendar fell out of the car. Driver said a car is coming from front. We couldn’t understand. When i realized, i asked roli to jump from the ambulance, but was not agreeing to leave. ambulance was going towards the cliff, i held roli’s hand and jumped from the cliff. sid went down with the car. Roli sits down is tears.

Scene 2
Next morning, simar lightens the candle on temple and prays. She says its been three months since sid left but heart still doesn’t agree. we have lost an important part of our lives in himself. Someone’s son, someone’s brother and someone lost her life. he was the smile of my roli’s face. her whole life. we will live our lives but what will happen to roli. She might survive but wont be able to live. give her strength so she can collect her pieces.

Roli sees sid’s picture and says happy birthday to you. Happy birthday sid. She recalls when he gave her rose. and all the moments they spent together. How he filled her hairline in front of maya. She is sobbing, simar comes to her room. Simar says if sid sees tears in roli’s eyes he wont feel good. please show me some way God. Anjali and sanju come to simar. Simar says to you know its sid’s birthday today. this is why we are all very happy. but roli is sad. anjali says whyy? simar says because she miss him. Now go to her and make her feel better, make her smile. sanju says i got it. Anjali says i will make her laugh.

Anjali and sanju go to roli and says maasi. roli says wont you go home? anjali says its sunday today. you forget everything. roli says sorry sorry life would have been easier if i forget everything. sanju says its sid’s birthday as well. sanju says we have to cut the cake right? roli says yes we will. anjali says promise? roli says yes, but you have to eat the homemade breakfast for that? anjali and sanju says yes we will. roli says okay then done. Simar says in heart at least for some moments she smiled.

Scene 3
Inspector says to amar, truth wont change if you come here everyday. the ambulance’s brakes failed. we couldn’t find sid’s body and of the driver as well. we saw footprints of animals there. maybe animals took them. We tried hard but couldn’t find the corpse. amar says but reality could be different. Inspector says the case should be closed, the snake was died. Amar says i will prove that there is a reason behind sid’s dead body missing. amar says can you come with me to that spot? Inspector says yes lets go.

Sujata says do you remember sid used to paln about his birthday weeks ago. Rajhinder says on his fifth birthday he made us roam around city for his fav cartoon cake. sujata says my son never hurt anyone then why God did this to us? karuna says mata ji place this garland on the photo. roli says stop chachi ji. She says i have told you i don’t want garland on his photo. karuna says i thought its his birthday.. roli says you thought he has died? i am telling you all that he has not died. He is with us. Mata ji smiles and says she is right. no garland should be on his photo. karuna says pardon me roli. roli says don’t ask for pardon. i know sid very well he wont like garland on his photo. Lets come for breakfast, i have made sid’s favorites.

Roli serves the breakfast. she says i want to say something, sujata says go ahead. roli says i want to celebrate sid’s birthday like every year. Mata ji says okay, we will do as you say. i mean, sid has left us. We were all worried that how will we handle you. Now i realize you have handled us. roli says sid always told me to keep this family a unit. i am fulfilling the promise. simar says let me go call prem. she swipes her tears. sujata kisses roli’s forehead. simar looks at roli and says God please keep my roli happy.

Precap-Rajhinder says amar you here? Rajhinder says i am sorry i came here with inspector on sid’s birthday. sid’s body was not burnt in accident. someone has concealed it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I love this serial

    1. iss show ke liye tho “like” hi bouth he.. n uuu love it!!!!! how can u luv dis show!!!

  2. plz sid charcter negative ho tho bi ok.. but dnt turn him to naag… plz…. cvs… bring rosid reunion…. dnt want sid as turn to naag……

  3. main aim of did show is killing every1 n bringing them back by new stupid, unbelievable drama… 1st they killed roli.. den killed simar.. now siddaanth… who is next?! before dat plz end show.. 😛

    1. Next itz turn of prem…aftr dat only they vl think of airoff this serial….bt my suggestion z before this should happen dheeraj aka prem should quit d show…if not he z only next target

      1. haa xactly:-P:-P

  4. can any one saw that rosid that sid ne kaha tha ki rosid ka end ho iss serial ka spoilers kaha tha ki sid genda hai and living along with maya.and he was changed into snake.iss me sach kya hai????

  5. roli is hiding somethng to simar… i thnk its abut sid… may be she knows dat he is alive … dats y she didnt want to put garland to sid’s photo…. i thnk she knows somthng and not telling to anyone in family…. fishy is der in rolis mind….. but sid turns as naag or not dont know exact…. but his charcter is some what -ve.. and i thought love-hate relationship we can see..

  6. is sid quits ssk????

    1. no sid z nt quitting ssk….he vl be back soon….bt as nag r sid dnt knw….have to wait

    2. sid z nt quitting ssk….he vl be back soon….bt as nag r sid dnt knw….have to wait

  7. can anyone tell me,did sid quits ssk???

    1. no.. he wl back soon.. but as nag or sid woh suspense hai.. we have to wait…. if u want u can see todays e24 segmnt in dat segmnt gave sid is back in ssk

  8. Whts happening in ssk..anyway it’s boring.. Better stop reading this updates too I guess.. Just reading to know whether rosid unites.. Now I’m hopeless..

  9. I think prem already quit the show.. Prem not in today’s episode as well as precap

    1. no he is der in episode simar ttold she vl cl to prem… i thnk he is outof the house….

  10. Sidwill b bk.but i think as spoilers section its written like that.Now Roli hiding something n it will take another 2-3months to get exposed..shit.


    1. neetu it means ssk will not end on april???

  11. Serial is going good with Twists and turns ..

    But now Or later final Scene will be ROSID Reunion only.:)

    that what happens.,,,!!!

    All the thing is that we have to wait and watch how

    writer is Writing the story with twists and turns..!!!!

  12. What is roli hiding? Does she know that sid is staying with maya? And why is mausiji still not out of jail?

  13. Will this nagin segment NEVER end?? I’m tired of this and i won’t watch it now. It has been more than 3 months of nonsense.

  14. maine fb me dekha tha ki ssk will not end on it true???.can anyone tell me

  15. ha muje bi dekha.iss me kaha tha ki ssk will not end

  16. priest said if sid become naag its not possible to brng him back… so nw hw can sid back as human… and also gft segmnt sid said rosid ka end hogaya hai…. iska matalab der is no possibilities sid as become human… .. total illogical crap …

  17. mausiji quit the show ,is bakwas serial ko koi kitna bardash kare bhala .ye band kyu nehi karte hai

  18. Why they don’t end with this stupid n impractical story. Just dragging it from last 3 months that to such a nonsense. Reunion rosid n pls come with a new story. Lagta hai they don’t have storie to come up with. Watching ssk without is no point.

  19. omg..omg whats the new promo in dat amar finds 2 sabood 1 mangalsootrh and other 1person… when he telng to family roli comes in between and stops him.. tab simar jaan jata hai ki roli kuch chupa rahi hai… roli goes out frm home in night and she blinds her eyes with patti and went in car…. where she is going???? by this i thnk roli knows its some what intresting but y she is not telling….. where roli is going and roli patti bandh kar kaha chal raha hai????

  20. Now every serials are very keen in taking leap I guess.. rishta… Ssk… Even Divya aur Bati hum(not sure).. Any rules in practice about taking leaps.. May be no story line in writers mind

    1. Yes.. That’s true… Every serial in leap twists

  21. siddanth last message for roli is she has to continue her studies…. and in telebuzz video sid telng dat yeh twist roli ke liye hai… and twist kya hai sid ko bi nahi pata rahe hai and frm sides he getnd sid naag bankar vapas aa raha hai. kise aur kya aur kyo sid dnt knw any idea….. its surprise fr him….but what rumors we heard it sid also heard it same…. actually he came as naag or not he also dont know exact and its surprise dey telling…

  22. upcomng episode roli finds cd which sid left in dat his last message is roli have to continue her studies… sid said its an emotional twist dat roli ki jindagi change hone wali hai…basically its new twist for roli… sid turn as naag or not its not clear. till now……

  23. guys im telling to u dat again roli knows somethng about sid dat he is alive… and nag…. dats y she didnt put mala to sid’s photo….
    synposis of theweek
    prem blames simar for sid’s death. family gets ready to sid’s b’day amar tries to persuade the inspector to reopen the roli disagrees with him.
    family members celebrate sid’s b’day amar and calender revisit the spot of accident and finds mangalsutra during celebrations prem enters house carrying file…
    prem plays back sid’s last mesg to family where he tells roli to complete her studies and join the family business amar and calender apprehend the mysterous man and try to get him to talk

    1. roli threatens to leave the house if simar doesn’t stop insisting dat sid’s death investigated. amar gets to know tht the mysterious man has escaped.
      amar asks roli if she sawa black sedan with no number plate the previous night. simar and roli get into an argument,causing roli to leave the house. calender notices something amiss with roli’s car

  24. Now what’s tht twist… Roli cud have continued studies wen Sid was with her.. Why only if Sid left her she cud continue studies and take a new step in life…after mrg ladies do study nd do jobs…them why don’t roli… Sid want her to marry a new guy and settle in abroad also???? Better marry amar…it’s he who now a days take care of her very nicely

  25. ya it right diya its better to marry amar

  26. My fav and lovely serial which i will ever forget…Long lasting,,,evergreen

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