Sasural Simar Ka 30th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 30th March 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 30th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house
Naina is tensed thinking about her check up thats due. she says that if sid goes, everyone would know about her lie and tries to think of a way out. Sid knocks on the door, asking if she’s ready. when she says yes, he says that he’s waiting for her in the car. she thinks that she would have to stop him somehow. she says that she knows he wouldnt ever accept her or the baby. Therefore, she doesnt want any responsibility regarding the baby, to be borne by him, and therefore he neednt go along. prem comes in and asks if she doesnt want him to go. she begins to make an excuse, but prem asks sid if he has a problem. When he nods in no, he says that sid doesnt have a problem, but looks like that she has some tension.

When she says no, He asks why did she take the appointment tomorrow instead of today. Khushi comes in to relieve naina of the situation, and asks her about her health. When naina says she’s okay, khushi says that naina was feeling very weak, hence she amended the appointment, as she wouldnt have been able to go to the doctor. She motions naina to play along. Naina too agrees that she was feeling very uneasy since morning. Khushi asks her to relax. Prem asks why didnt she tell them, as they can all the more not take the risk, and therefore they should rush her to the hospital, and asks sid to get her a thorough check up. Sid asks naina to come along. Naina and khushi are sppechless. naina leaves the room. Prem looks at her suspiciously.

Scene 2:
Location: In the hospital
Viru enters roli’s ward and finds her dressed. He says that she’s looking very beautiful, and that they are waiting for her to come home. The wardboy inspects the discharge papers, and tells viru that there is no sign of the head nurse, without whose permission, they cant leave the hospital with the patient. When viru gets angry at him, roli asks him not to unnecessarily get angry and get the formalities done. as viru goes, seeing no other option, roli wonders why is she feeling so strange, and if she isnt making the wrong descision trusting this man.

viru overhears the headnurse b*t*hing about viru to the doctor. He is shocked to hear this. She says that she cxan vouch for the fact, that viru isnt roli’s husband. He thinks that he would ahve to act fast, and get roli out, but doesnt understand how to take her without permission. when he turns around, he finds lata, ogling at him, which gives him an idea. She asks what happened as he is looking so tenesed, as his wife is ready to go home. Viru says that people in love, have to give an exam all the time. He tells that the head nurse doubts his love, and doesnt want vidya to be taken home, without her memory coming back. he tries to get lata sentimental. He says that in this environment, she would neevr get her memory back, and he cant see her like this. Lata asks him not to worry, as the head nurse is like that. He says that she knows he loves vidya a lot, and that he would die without her, because of the head nurse’s doubts. She asks him to stop, as she too would cry otherwise. He asks lata to help him, in taking vidya out of the hospital, and makes her swear on his love. lata agrees to help them.

The doctor has his reservations, but the head nurse still says that her instinct doesnt say the same, and offrs to get a thorough investigation done from both, the patient and vikram aka viru. The doctor agrees and they proceed towards roli’s ward.

Viru comes with lata and tells roli that everything is done, and they can go home now. He takes her hand and helps her get down, but she jerks him away, and takes lata’s hand instead. lata shows them a less discreet way, which surprises roli. she asks why are they sneaking out. But viru says that they are doing what lata is telling them to do, and that even if she doesnt trust him, she should trust the hospital nurse.

The doctor is shocked to find them gone, when he entesr along with the head nurse, into roli’s ward.

Showing them the way, Lata says that she would have to leave, as if someone sees them together, then it would be a great problem for her and takes her leave. roli asks why are they going out like this.He says that he would tell her everything, but later. He takes her along. As roli and viru are about to go, the doctor asks viru where is he taking roli without his permission. He says that viru would have to produce proof of his relationship with roli, before taking her with him. viru is stunned. He says that they havent signed the discharge papers yet. The doctor says that he can punish viru and hand him to the police for this. The head nurse says that her doubt was right, and that he isnt her husband after all. Roli is shocked and viru is speechless. Viru asks how can she talk like this. He says that he had come , but he overheard her. therefore, seeing no other opton, he had to resort to this. He says that he wishes she had kept herself in his position, so that she would understand that he’s going through, when your own wife refuses to recognize you. He says that he hasnt left vidya for a single second, in the hope that she would get her memory back. He says that it was very easy for her to doubt him, but didnt understand when he would be asked to produce the authenticity of their relation. The nurse says that if he is her husband, then he shouldnt have a problem submitting proof, as its an essential formality. He says that they still need proof, without even considering his affection, and care that he has shown for viyda. When they dont respond positively, he says that he knew they wouldnt believe him, and taking somethingout of his pocket, shows it to the doctor saying that he hopes that this would be a proof of his relationship with vidya. He produces the marriage certificate, with roli wearing the same dress, that she was wearing when she had pretended to get married to viru. roli too sees the papers, while viru has a hurt look on his face. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Naina tells sid that he has already helped her much, and that now she can manage on her own, and asks him to go to the office. Sid says that he has neglected his mistake for too long, and that he wont anymore. He takes her to the doctor’s chamber. as they wait outside, naina wonders what would happen now, as sid would know the truth, and she cant even fake to go unconscious. naina is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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