Sasural Simar Ka 30th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid says either simar or prem whoever leaves, this family will be punished. Prem wanted to kill himself, roli says while didi is a living corpse now. I cant see her this way. What he has done to didi is really wrong and you are not understand, she looks at her picture with simar. She says we were all one after so long, i thought we could be one after so long, we lost it all. Sid says we will give simar what she deserved, we will make them one again. You have to help him. Roli says after knowing the reality, i cant force her to changer her decision, sid says you think her decision is right? Roli says i don’t think so. I can’t see them parted. I will make them. roli says after so much simar was faking this relationship but she couldn’t help it.

simar is sitting

in her room, anjali and sanyu come. They say mama why are you mad at papa? Sid comes in and says what are butterflies doing here?
Sid says the papa is here, babies want to eat ice cream. papa will take them while i talk to their mummy. Prem says you understand everything prem if you want to make is better go try. but dont try to patch this relationship forcefully, such relations die. prem says lets go to eat ice cream. simar says dont go to eat ice cream its time to go to sleep. prem says i am only taking them for ice cream that is a problem for you as well. anjali and sanjina say please mama we want to go. simar says come here and sleep. prem says enough i am their dad i know what they want. Sanjina says papa dont scold at her we dont wanna go. anjali says we dont want to eat. sid says take them prem, simar says but sid.. Sid says please simar. Simar says okay go. The kids go with prem.

Prem asks anjali and sanjina what ice cream they wanna eat? Sanjina says we will only eat when you promise with us that you wont fight with mama. anjali says we dont like it. prem says i dont like it either. he says in heart we didn’t think about our daughters? i cant let them be like this, prem says okay promise i wont make you sad anymore. prem says now sit, i will bring you the favorite ice cream.

Sid tries to to simar, she says i sacrificed for this family always and now still you all want me to compromised. is this fair to force someone by threatening them of suicide for the pardon? i forgave him every time. he says i know what you are saying, i know what you feel. but when you are not with him, and he would have died. you would regret it. give prem some time a second chance after that whatever would be your decision we will all accept it. roli comes in and holds sid’s hand. she says sid is right. Sid says partner? roli says yes partner. he says thanks for supporting me, now ask you sister to understand. roli says please forgive him sister, you know he would not do this again. please pardon him. sid says yes please. Simar is in tears, she says okay i am ready to give him a chance. roli and sid are glad, he says thanks. lets tell evereyone. Roli says yes they would all be so glad to listen to this.

Mata ji is sitting in the temple, everyone else is there as well. mata ji says please take care of this family God, she stands up to save the flame but simar comes before her and saves it. she puts in more oil in it. Simar says we lit this candle so its light spreads all around the house and nothing wrong happens, when you have lit it everything will be okay in the house. i have decided that i will give prem another.. bell rings, sid says it must be prem. let him come then tell your decision, prem is worried, he says listen to me sid. Sid says listen we have a good news. Sid says simar has given another chance.. simar says wait a minute sid. She says to prem what is it? why are you so worried? where are sanju and anjali? simar looks out they are no where. Sid says why are you not saying anything? simar says where are they? why are you quite? prem says anjali and sanjina.. someone kidnapped them. Everyone is dazed.

Precap-Anjali says we anna go to papa, call our dad. Prem says to simar where will you go? i will bring them back, I am their dad too. simar says i don’t trust you anymore.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It would be Rajkumari na……

  2. hmm.kidnapping track started.i think now premar will reunite for saving sanju n anjali.and i also think this track will increase trp rating of ssk.intresting track…..

  3. simar preem ki maaf mt karna or jaldi se sanju ko dundo or ssk band nahi hona chaiye i really like ssk…….

  4. I’ve missed the past few weeks- can someone tell me what Prem did for which she is not forgiving him?

  5. I think it’s sid who kidnaps to make simar and prem together. I think so. Maybe a part of his plan. When they both go to search for sanju and anjali they might become together. Think so. Sometimes this is gonna happen.

    1. Even I think so….

  6. Yar pls finish this idiot serial kabhi thu une khush rene do idiots

  7. Gud simar!! After a loonngg tym, u showed ur anger towards prem. U r ryt, donn trust prem again!

  8. simmar shouldnot forgive prem. what prem did was drastic had rajivr spoilt simmar would prem accept her . Also let us not forget that prem has sold simmar he has brought disrespect to his wife. how can simmar trust him in future. this family is always falling in some sort or other problems. In future prem will put his wife and children at stake for the sake of his family, so simmar please do not forgive prem. let him go , he deserve this isolation from family

  9. yes kidnap track started

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