Sasural Simar Ka 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Siamr comes to Vikran’s room. HE asks why are you here / Siamr says Sanju wants to sleep in her room with her uncle and karthink wanna sleep there as well. He says okay you can sleep her in my room. Siamr ask where will you sleep ? She bolts the door. Simar says why you did this ? He takes his pillow and sheet. HE says we decided that you will fulfill your promise and you will fulfill your promise. We have to be careful until karthik is here. There is door of study room here. I will sleep there. Bolt the door from inside. HE goes.

Scene 2
Roli is in car. Aditi calls her. SHe says thank God you called at night and managed. I can’t tell this all to family yet. Aditi says did you say something ? Roli says no I didn’t I am going to the stall to get the diary.
She reaches the site where the stall was. She comes out of her car. She finds the diary. The seller asks what you want ? Roli says I want fashion and cooking magazines. He looks in the bundle. ROli says help me GOd I have to get this diary . She takes the diary out and hides it. He shows her the magazines. Roli says no I don’t want this one. Thanks. Roli sits in the car. the boy sees him and sees the diary in his hands. HE tries to stop her but she leaves.
HE calls karthik. Sanju accepts the call. SImar takes the phone. he says sir she has taken the diary. Simar says hello. He disconnects the call. Karthik comes in. Simar tell him. He says I write details of all my patients in a diary. Maybe he was talking about that.
She leaves. Karthik calls him and says you should be grateul that I am not there. At least know that I am on the call or not before you start speaking. he says sorry sir. I wanted to tell you that she has taken the diary. Karthik says go and get the diary now. That diary must contain something related to sunnaina bhabhi’s death.

Scene 3
Roli is going throw the diary. sHe says to aditi that this dairy has nothing. ALl the pages are blank. That guy is after me because of this and we are still on the same spot. Aditi gives her water and says relax roli. We will do something. Some water drops on the page and the ink becomes visible. Roli says this was invinsle ink. I doesn’t show when you write but when water falls on it. It becomes visible. Aditi says she used to collect pens.

There in bharadwaj house, pandit ji is there to get the date for prem and surbhi;s wedlock. Sujata asks where is roli ? Uma says no one knows. her phone is out of reach as well. Mata ji asks pandit ji to wait. SHe says my daughter in law in not home and she hs the key. He says I have to go somewhere for ppojja. I am running out of time. pari says in heart its my sisters wedding that’s why roli is not here. I am really mad at her.

Scene 5
Aditi says sunnaina used to be shy and she didn’t share her feelings with someone. Maybe that’s why she write this diary with invisible in.
She starts reading the diary, I came from us for a property dealing. I met a lawyer Vikran here who solved my case. He won my heart and we married and we are in so much love. I always dreamt of helping poor people so he helped me in opening the NGO.
We have finally been blesse with a baby girl. Vikran has told her baa and she has asked us to come back to ahmeedabad. In all this I couldn’t give time to my ngo. The place is becoming hell for the poor people. The hospital where I send them is doing something wrong. Before I go ahmedabad I wanna figure this out. She has not written anything else.

precap-karthik calls roli and says place tge dairy from where you took it. Roli says who are you ? He says important is that what can I do. You sound intelligent you must know how dangerous I can be for you and your family.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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