Sasural Simar Ka 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 30th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roshni sees sleeping pills. She says if I am that bad I don’t deserve to live. Simar comes and sees the pills in her hands. Simar says what is this? Are you mad what are you doing? Roshhni says don’t stop me. Did you see how Piyush’s behaving with me. I can’t live with his hate. There is only one solution to it. Simar says however it happened you and Piyush got married. Now we have to think how will you work this relationship out? Roshni says when he doesn’t want to own me how is it possible? Roshni says its not impossible. Don’t lose hope. You are tied in a marriage. If you really love Piyush then this is the test of your love. You have to prove your love. You have to do everything a wife can. Always remember only cirumstances are wrong. Not people. You have to make Piyush realize that you love him. That you can be a good wife. You have to reduce the hate in his heart and no matter how long it takes you can’t lose. True love takes time but we end up have the consequences right. You forget all the pain in the end. You will see that if you try with all your heart you will win it. Now don’t cry. Jhanvi comes in and says bhabhi.. Roshni’s parents are here. Mataji called you both downstairs. Simar says we are coming. Roshni says why are they here? Simar says they would want to meet you. Come on get ready. Simar gives her jewelry back to her. SImar says they shouldn’t know the situation here.

Roshni and Simar come downstairs. Sumit says how are you? Roshni says I was busy I couldn’t call. sumit says I am sorry simar ji for what happened. I didn’t want to insult you. I lost my ming when I saw roshni’s life at stake. I apologize you all. Forgive me if you can. Prem stands up but Amar calms him down. simar says we can’t change what happened. We will respect this relationship from our side. Sumit says thats what we expect from you. Rita says but everyone here doesn’t seem happy. Doesn’t look like there had been any rituals.. Sumit says that is not necessary. Rita says when they have accepted Roshni it all should happen. Piyush comes in. Mataji says you are right. The relation is made we will do all the rituals. Right Simar? Simar says yes. Mataji says we will do greh parvesh. Piyush is leaving. Mataji says come here Piyush. Simar says let me prepare. Mataji says Jhanvi get Roshni ready. Sumit says how are you Piyush? Piyush doesn’t answer.
Sumit says to simar I don’t know what to say. Simar says there is nothing left to say. He says I know you are mad. Sumit says you know Roshni since childhood, she has sensitivity issues. Things that are normal for others bother her way too much. Till you were there, her disease was controlled but when you left and she couldn’t have Piyush she couldn’t handle herself. I just request you if she makes any mistake please handle her. Simar says I called her my daughter all those years. I will take care of her like I always did.
Simar does Roshni’s greh parvesh. She does her arti with Piyush. Roshni enters the house. Roshni recalls what Piyush said. Simar says Piyush enter with her. They both enter the house together. Simar says touch feet of the elders. Roshni touches Prem’s feet, he steps back. Piyush touches his feet, Prem gives him blessings. Mataji says Jhanvi prepare for ring ritual. Jhanvi says everything is ready.
Jhanvi places the pan in front of them. Mataji says look for the ring. Rita says my daughter will win. Anjali says yes Roshni will win. Simar says my son is smart enough too. He will win. Simar puts Piyush’s hand in the milk. Anjali says whoever wins, wins the relationship. Come on Roshni. Piyush finds it. Mataji says Piyush won. Piyush says to Roshni in a whisper I won’t ever become your husband, you became my wife my deciet. I will decide our limits not you. Rita says congrats Piyush. Piyush says is this all done? Can I leave now? Mataji says yes you go rest.
Rita says when we are doing all the rituals one is left. Pagphere. Piyush is dazed. Rita says can we take Roshni her home? Mataji says yes sure. Rita says tomorrow Piyush will pick her back. Sumit says Piyush will you come? Simar says yes he will. I promise you that.

Precap- Simar says to Piyush you have to bring your wife back. Piyush says this marriage doesn’t mean anything to me. I can’t do all this drama. He leaves. simar says what will I say to Mr. Kapoor. I promised him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. My goodness, this episode is like vaidehi never existed! What sort of fickle minded people is being portrayed in this serial? It’seems so honky dory acceptable to simar that the brides have swapped and then proceeding to conduct post marriage rituals? What a joke writers have made of the Hindu religion and it’s rituals! Indian serials have lost their mojos…..and the present crop of writers needs to go back to literature classes…..this is not how stories should unfold, they ought to show logic and consistency in plots, where viewers don’t have the opportunity to show them where their shortcomings occur, should be without flaws, I’m sure they all are mediocre and may never get the opportunity to write for big screen movies. When a writer wins a Noble Laureate prize for Literature, it’s because they have excelled and exceeded the the art of writing. Production houses, you all need to take heed of the complaints of viewers and find a solution to look like credible and professionals in the art of writing.

    1. Director do not know that Indian law null and void marriages in stage of unconsciousness, prolonged illness and madness.

  2. Such bull shit.
    I am sure the mahan Simar and Mataji will make Piyush go for Roshni.
    Its just as Vaidehi said, had she been their daughter then none if the injustices would have taken place.
    Better Vaidehi moves on to a guy who actually loves her.

  3. Hi frds, u ppl not happy wid roshini mrge ah?? I m feeling sad for vaidehi but happy for roshini. She s the one who loved piyush from childhood na. So am happy. If anyone have the same feelings then share it.

    1. Tom, I’m not happy with roshni marrying piyush. Yes she liked him from childhood but that doesn’t give her piyush on a platter!! I think she’s too volatile in temperament whereas vaidehi is exactly the type of babu that Simar needs. No one can lay claim to someone ‘s love because they knew each other from many years gone, love is spontaneous, love is grown, it flourishes with time and a beautiful mind, and when two people are destined to meet, it can happen in a moment or it can happen when you least expect it to. Piyush will find it difficult to love roshni and I know he will give her a difficult time. You can’t force someone to love another, despite having piyush as her husband, roshni will learn this lesson the hard way. I only hope that writers don’t make vaidehi’s character a negative one after this incident.

  4. I am also happy for roshini.She is married to her childhood love nd slowly she will get place in piyush’s heart too….

  5. I hate roshini! Seriously I love Vaidehi! It’s like they kicked her out! Why should the villian girl get Piyush!? They just ruined the story even more. I hope they make Piyush and Vaidehi together. They belong together, and roshini can die.

  6. Its looks like the parents too are together with they daughter that it was a planned think but simar why is she forcing her son doesn’t she know that he need time and their just rushing him to do things I think now piyush is gone turn evil if their keep forcing him.

  7. Am real bored why is it to be lyk dat i hate roshin i wish piyush could hate her to the maximum point till she will give up on piyush

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