Sasural Simar Ka 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji says did you know all this simar? Aman says no she didn’t remember anything I told her it all and asked her to stay quite. I am sure no one from house is involved in all this. someone from outside is using you. Inspector says what are you saying? Aman says I am psychiatrist I even hypnotize people to know their past. he says I figure out things with it. I know you are all finding it weird. The hypnotized person doesn’t know what he is doing. He says mata ji this is the only way to find out the truth. sid says how will you do it? Sid says I thought you have a good plan. prem we are wasting time this way. Aman says this is the only way. We can’t say no to the CCTV footage. The person who has made simar do this is still unknown. Inspector says do what you want to do in court. Aman says I am not finding any proofs I just want to know what happened that night. Mata ji says I allow aman to do this. Let him try once. Everyone is scared. Aman asks sankalp and sattu to stand outside the house. He says make sure no one rings the bell and no one should make any noise. Jhanvi goes to the kids. Aman asks everyone to switch off their phones. Pari lies down on bed. He starts hypnotizing. he says sees this pendulum. Pari starts fainting. aman says please don’t be agitated. you have to relax and focus completely. He starts hypnotizing again. pari stands up and says I cant do this. She says please I am suffocating. Shalu says calm down we are all with you. aman says no problem relax.

aman says Simar can we do this session with you? We can find out what happened at 17. he starts hypnotizing simar. He says only focus on my voice. Its 17 today, tell me whats happening around you? Simar says everyone is gald. Daksh and leela came to see roli. They want to go back, leela looks worried. I wonder why they wanna go back soon? Aman says did they tell anything? simar says no they wanna go. roli called leela she said everything is fine. aman says you remember everything tell me what happened after the call? when you did you see leela again? Simar says everyone is in the hall and talking about roli’s birthday. I heard some noise from kitchen. I went there but no one was there. I looked everywhere. Aman says who is in the kitchen? Simar says I saw her, she is scared. She is hiding from everyone. Aman says do you know her? Simar says its leela. everyone is dazed. She has come again. She is really tensed. aman says why is she scared? did she tell you anything? simar recalls asking leela what are you doing here? Leela says thank god its you. Leela says don’t tell anyone I am here. simar says but what are you doing here? and why are you hiding? Leela says simar I wanna tell you something important. someone walk in the kitchen. Leela says someone is coming and don’t tell anyone that I am here. leela hides and pari comes in. pari says simar I heard something falling? simar says no nothing. pari says everyone is waiting for you to come and plan for the birthday. Simar syas I am making tea for everyone. pari says roli is back home we need to finalize her birthday. simar says I am coming in 5 minutes. pari says we will talk her in 2 minutes. simar says I come with pari in the hall. My mind is still in the kitchen. Everyone starts discussing roli’s birthday. uma says lets do something different. jhanvi says what? Simar says in heart why has leela asked me not to tell anyone? roli says didi why are you so quite? I am recalling leela I am worried for her. I didn’t tell roli anything. Leela is standing on kitchen’s door. She places chit on the table. I go to the table to take the chit ad read it. it says that leela will wait for me on the bus stop tonight. I don’t understand anything. Roli comes there. She asks why you look worried didi? She sees that I am hiding some paper. She says what are you concealing? and then I tell roli everything. roli says I don’t knwow hat she is talking about. mata ji says in heart why didn’t roli tell us? simar says I and roli decided that we will go to meet leela so we can knwo waht she wanna tell me. Everyone is bewildered.

Precap-simar comes downsatairs and sees someone in the lounge. she says roli before someone sees us lets go. but then see sees roli in balcony and realizes its not roli in lounge

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What’s this story all about?

  2. Enna da nakdakuthu inga?????

  3. time waste pls end

  4. yaar iam missing (avika) roli n sid scene…….

  5. what’s happening here.. please change story line.. bring roli back… without her it is boring.. or end it with a happy note..

  6. The new roli and amar are bad

    They have been doing all this trouble

  7. Want to Thanks Atiba, you are doing great job. No words to express my feelings. Awesome….

  8. Wow……I am excited and waiting for the next epis

  9. Awesome . All the other serials have pretty much the same story line but SSK has something unique which is superb.

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