Sasural Simar Ka 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Simar finds Prem

Sasural Simar Ka 30th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simaar comes to bharadwaj house with everyone. Behrvi says welcome. I was waiting for you. Everyone is here. This game will be fun. Piyush says where are roshni and sanju? Simar says I am your enemy don’t harm them. Harm me. Behrvi says yes yes I have your prem too. I think he will die soon too. Go and find him. but you have only ten minutes. There is a bomb attached to his body. Everyone is dazed. She says after 10 minutes I will press this button on my ring and the bomb will blast.
Everyoone locks here and there for prem. Behrvi releases roshni and sanju. They all look for prem.

Simar says we have to be careful. If we take that ring from her we can save him. She tells everyone the plan.

Behrvi says three minutes are over I think we should prepare for prem’s funeral. KB gets text from Simar to lock pari and uma in room. She takes them to room and locks them there. Samir says only 6 mins are left. He goes upstairs. Piyush puts s cloth on his face and locks him in the room.

Sanju and roshni come to behrvi with knives. Behrvi says don’t come here. Roshni says dont try this. She snatches the knife and says who are you? So stupid? You were scaring me? Everyone is looking for prem everywhere.
Simar says what trunk is that?
Behrvi says I had nothing to do with you but now I will kill you both. she is about to stab them. KB hits her on her. The knives fall. They try to snatch ring from her.

Simar comes to prem’s room and sees a large trunk. She opens it. Prem is inside. She says Prem ji.. Mataji says Prem.. He is fainted. Piyush says his pulse is running. Simar is in tears. They try to take him out but see a bomb tied to him. Simar says be careful. They take out prem as it is.

Roshni sanju and kb are trying to snatch the ring. Time is running out. Behrvi says the time is over. No one can save him and you all. Everyone will blast.

Precap-Simar takes the bomb and runs out.
The bomb blasts. Everyone screams. Behrvi says simar’s game is over.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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