Sasural Simar Ka 30th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 30th August 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 30th August 2013 Written Update

Simar finds a part of the skeleton.. and tells Roli that the God is with them and no one can stop them from finding out the truth.

After searching entire house, Sid wonders where Roli could go this late. He’s dialing her number and Roli enters. Sid asks her, where did you go this late? Roli says, I wasn’t feeling sleepy so went out to in fresh air. Sid says, you know I get so much worried if I don’t see you around.. you could have taken me with you. Roli says, I didn’t want to disturb your sleep so. She then tells him to go to sleep now. Sid says, you made my sleep disappear and now telling me to sleep. They go to their room.

Anjali is crying. Prem tries to calm her down, but she doesn’t stop crying. Dadi comes there and asks what happened to Anjali and

where is Simar. Simar enters. Dadi starts lecturing her. Simar is not in a good condition. Prem tells Dadi that he will talk to her, but Dadi says, not this time. She is taking advantage of your love. Janvi comes there. They ask Simar where she went. Prem also tells her to tell them. Simar says, I wasn’t feeling well so went outside. Dadi says, but looking at you, it doesn’t seem that you’re telling the truth. Dadi asks her again. Simar falls unconscious. They call doctor. Doctor says a snake bite Simar, and it’s good that poison was removed. Dadi says, but none of us even knew about it.. who took out the poison then? Doctor says, it is a miracle then.

After doctor leaves, Dadi says this is not a miracle.. she is hiding something for sure. prem says, for me Simar’s health is most important right now.. until she doesn’t get fine.. no one will ask her anything.

Next morning, Sid is taking care of Roli. Seeing her condition, he says that he will call a doctor, but Roli says no. Mataji comes there and gets worried. Sid says, she couldn’t sleep properly last night, so she is a bit tired. Mataji says, I will sit beside her.. you can go and have a breakfast. Sid leaves and Mataji sits beside Roli and asks her what happened. Roli tells her everything that happened last night. Mataji is very worried knowing a snake bite Simar and Roli took snake’s poison out. Mataji says they need to call doctor, but Roli says, no. otherwise everyone will find out the truth and they won’t have any answer to give. Mataji then says, she will make a kadha (drink) which will take all poison out from her body.

Simar opens her eyes. Prem is sleeping. She looks at him and apologizes to him in her mind for hiding everything from him, but she says, it’s for this family and to find out the truth. Prem wakes up as well. He tells Simar, doctor told you to rest.. you won’t go anywhere. He goes to make tea and bring breakfast for her.

Simar is remembering how took out poison from her body. She calls her and asks if she is fine. Roli says, snake bite you, not me. You tell how are you. Simar says, someone who has sister like you.. how anything can happen to that person. I am alive today because of you. Both get emotional. Roli tells her not to cry and says, we will have to forget everything and concentrate on finding out the truth to bring both families together. Simar says, now we will have to get DNA test of that skeleton to find out whether it’s of Shaktipapa or no. Roli says, for that will need sample of some relative of Shaktipapa as well. They think of Prem. Simar says, but how will we get his blood sample? Roli says, we can get DNA test done from his saliva as well.. Prem comes and Simar puts the phone down. Simar is about to drink tea and remembers Roli’s words. She asks him why you didn’t bring tea for you? It’s been so long since we had tea together. prem goes to get tea for him.

Mataji is taking kadha for Roli and Pari comes in the way. She tells mataji, this is for me, right? I don’t really like it, but since morning I am feeling like vomiting. Mataji is worried and wonders how to tell her that this kadha is to take poison out and could be harmful to her health. Pari asks her to give it to her. Mataji doesn’t give and says it could be harmful to you and your baby. Pari asks, but why? Mataji says, it’s for me.. because I was having pain in my knees. I will send different kadha for you. Pari leaves from there. Both Pari and Mataji have a sigh of relief.

Prem and Simar are having tea together. Simar says in her mind, from this cup, I will get his saliva and DNA as well. Janvi brings Anjali to them. She asks Simar how she is feeling now. Prem answers on Simar’s behalf that she is better than before. He gives her the cups and says to let Simar rest. Simar says in her mind, she will have to stop Janvi somehow. She gets up and tells Janvi, I am good now.. I will take it to the kitchen. Dadi enters and says, doctor was right.. this is a miracle.. it’s just few hours since a snake bite Simar.. and she is absolutely fine now. Janvi reminds Dadi, doctor said someone took out the poison from her body.. and Janvi then asks Simar who it was.

Precap: Dadi tells Simar, yesterday you got saved because you fell unconscious, but today you will have to answer where you were last night.. we all know very well snakes don’t come outside our house. Prem tells Dadi, this is our house, not a court, that you question her like this. She is part of this family and she also has her freedom. She doesn’t need to give any explanation. Dadi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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