Sasural Simar Ka 30th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 30th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pari gives everyone sweets. Aarav holds Ananiya’s hand. Ridhima says we have to go there are a lot of preps to be done. Amar says same on our side. they leave. Aarav is going out too. Piyush says to Aarav where are you going? They pick him up and give him bumps. Everyone laughs. They all tease arav. Everyone is happy but Simar is worried. Mataji says where are you lost? simar says just thinking about the preps. Piyush says there is something that is worrying mom.

Anjali checks dresses and says this is what lilly sent? These dresses are rubbish. Lilly comes in. Director tell Lilly Anjali has wasted so much time. Lilly says you are not ready? Anajli says will I wear these stupid clothes? Lilly says I designed these. Anjali says so what? I want a unique dress like the one delivered in your studio. Lilly says okay. Anjali says to Lilly this is what I like about you. You know my value keep it up. Director says she is flying so high. Lilly says about time we have to bring her back to ground. She tells him the plan.
Lilly calls Sam and says everything is going as planned. Now Anjali will realize what mistake she has done.

Piyush comes to SImar and says you look worried. Simar says there is nothing like that. He places her hand on his head and says now tell me. Simar is silent. He says that means there is something worrying you. Please tell me. Simar says you remember that kundli thing? He says yes what happened to it now? Piyush says you believe in all this so much? If anything happens I will tell you in the first place. Now down’t worry and lets prepare for the engagement. We have to prepare a lot. Simar smiles.

Scene 2
Anjali shoots for the ad. Director says we will do it again. They shoot the same scene again and again. Anjali says stop it. What is your problem? You can’t imagine what I can do with you. He shouts and says tell me what can you do? ANjali slaps him. She says this is what I can do. Anjali leaves.
The camera boy has recorded it all. Lilly comes in and says very good director. You should be an actor. He shows her the video. Lilly says now see what I do.

Scene 3
Ananiya comes to Ridhima and says di see my dress. Ridhima says its pretty. Anania says are you still worried? Ridhima says you know my prophecies never go wrong. The evil inside Piyush is growing, ananiya says dont’ worry. She shows her a dress and says you will wear this. Ridhima hears dogs barking. She gets scared. She says this means Piyush’s animal has worken up.

Vikram checks Tanvi’s fever. He says you have severe fever. You wont give dad food. I will. Don’t worry.
Simar is reading piyush’s kundli. Piyush comes outside her room. His eyes are red.
Sumit calls Simar. Simar says maybe that man joked about it? Sumit says but he had died. sImar says that could be because of another reason. I will find the truth behind this page after engagement. She invites them for the engagement. Simar says if this page is not of Piyush’s kundli then where it came from? I have to find the truth.

Precap-SUmit says I am still worried.
I have to find about that paper. I have to find that pandit that man tlaked about. He drives. Someone stops his car. Sumit is dazed. Its Piyush.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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