Sasural Simar Ka 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sujata leaves. roli cries sitting with the door. simar sitting on the other side as well. sid says roli control yourself. I know what you are going through you have understand the situation. we are the only people who can bridge simar to family. so we have to stay here and prove that all allegations are wrong. We have to fight for simar staying in this house. Roli says you are right what about prem and simar’s relationship. sid says God will save their relationship. I will get simar her respect.

Sanju says mama don’t cry and swipes her tears. Sanju says mama lets gp.

Anjali is crying I wanna go to mama. surbhi is trying to console her. perm sees simar’s picture and recalls when she said to vikran I will always be with you. Prem throws the picture on the floor. Anjali cries mama. Prem shouts shut up Anjali. Your mom is surbh from now. Say surbhi mama. Surbhi says why are you shouting at her prem ji. Anjali embraces surbhi.

Prem sees siamr going in the rain with sanju. roli and sid open the door and see simar. simar is crying. she sits on the floor. Surbhi comes to the window as well. Simar recalls prem filling surbhi’s hairline.
Surbhi tries to talk to prem but she can’t. Vikran comes with an umbrella for simar. He says lets go for sanju simar. He holds sanju. Prem bolts the window in anger. Siamr recalls prem’s words that she is dead for him. she starts walking. Vikran says stop siamr. where are you going ? siamr says I don’t know. vikran says come with me I can’t let you go alone at night. simar says I have been accused of betrayal. I don’t want people to put allegations on our relation as well. he says I can’t leave you alone this way. I know I am responsible for all this. they will all accept you for your sacrifice. I will work to get you justice. Consider it my apology or thank you. Simar nods and looks back for once. roli is standing with sid in the door.

Scene 2
Vikran brings simar to her house. He says go and rest simar. Simar nods. Vikran says to sanju let mama live alone tonight. sanju says isn’t she my mom. Vikran says no she isn’t and hugs her. sanju is in tears. Simar comes to the room and lock it. Pem touches the broken picture of simar and recalls their good moments.

Simar is in tears. Roli is crying as well. vikran sees sunnaina’s picture and is upset as well. Prem gets a cut from the frame. Surbhi comes to him but he leaves.

Simar is sobbing she recalls my wife died when she proved that she is sunnaina. Roli recalls she promised simar that she will make everything all right. Sid hugs her.

Scene 3
next morning there is a tension in bharadwaj house. Surbhi is coming with her bag packed. pari asks surbhi where are you going ? Surbhi says mata ji prem did everything in anger. I know he was so resented last night. He wanted to answer simar with anger. prem comes and takes the bag from her. prem says who told you that I was punishing her ? but you are my wife. you deserve to be my wife. She has given me the wounds but they’ve nothing to do with our relationship. Mata ji says surbhi prem is right. The place he has given you will be yours. Surbhi says that’s your generosity but i don’t think i’ll get the place of simar in this house. This was sasural simar ka. Sid says we’ve to start talking to everyone.Mata ji calls roli. Roli says i hope She has forgiven me. Roli comes downstairs. Mata ji asks her for the keys. Mata ji hands over the keys to surbhi and says there are not mere keys. This is our belief in you. You’ve the responsibility of family now. Mata ji says you’re the most important part of family from now.

Precap-sid and roli have brought prem to vikran’s house. Prem says i won’t have come if sid didn’t ask me. Simar says don’t ever come here again

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. please hurry atiba

  2. simar ur answer in precap was superb.dont forgive prem dare he marriage anyone that like.ja kuch bhi hoja prem should get the for what he did even there family bhi except sid and roli.

  3. simar v r wait 4 ur responds

  4. I like her answer too simar plz don’t forgive prem easily ok u hv to earn ur honour and divinity as u hv done towards ur family and make them feel ur sincerity for family and need to ur respect from family memeber plzz stay bold

  5. harshitha reddy

    aaj ka taja khabhar….zz dat sunnaina will b still restng in simarzz body only…chek out wid d website…

  6. Nt simar bt sunaina’s ghost will said dat

  7. simar u r right.pls dont easily forget prem

  8. Sunaina’s gost has taken over simar’s body… she wants to stay in simar forever… and live with vikrant… she will attack roli also because roli will try to stop sunaina’s soul….

  9. What the hell is going on in this serial. How come it becomes Sasural Surabhi Ka .. Really disgusting. What all simar has not done for her family but finally wat she got is nothing and getting blamed by all. Prem became blind it seems . when bhardwaj family including mataji forgave Khushi for her big mistake but why can’t they give one chance to simar .. And why you people are doing highlight surbahi’s character which came months before but not simar’s who is there since beginning. Really loosing interest to watch this serial . But in yesterday’s precap simar’s answer to prem is superb… TIT FOR TAT… Keep going simar. don’t forgive & don’t sacrifice your life for useless people

  10. i guess that answer was told by suniana’s ghost.. How come simar & roli only can see her but why not vikran who loved her so much. No sense of watching it still . She can attack simar’s body when ever she wants but why cant she visible to vikran ..really funny. Please stop sunaina’s ghost character which is meaning less. let simar to be proved in front of bharadwaj’s family that shes wrong .. don’t prolong too much try to make it over as soon as possible . really sunaina is thinking selfish about her husband & child but shes not feeling bad what happened with simar .Still she thinks about her family only. try to stop this sunaina’s character

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