Sasural Simar Ka 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar sees prem. she stands up and goes to him. she says thank God you came. did you see what happened here ? Now I will explain you everything. Your simar is not wrong. Prem says I have seen the reality today. Roli says please listen jeju. prem says no roli. sid says listen to me. vikrant says I will tell you truth. Prem say no one will speak between me and simar. I am happy that you took a decision today. Congratulations vikrant. sid called me here and said that I will see the reality today. If you wanted to marry her you should have told all the world. why you pretended to die. Siamr says what wedding? I am not getting you. He says stop pretending to be innocent. He takes her hand to the sindur. simar is dazed. Prem says vikrant filled your hairline with this sindur. Sid says you don’t know why vikrant did this. Prem says don’t deny what I have seen. Prem says simar’s chapter in my life is over forever. He holds surbhi’s hand. He leaves. Sid says please stop prem. Simar sits on the ground. roli says didi buck up please. She says sunnaina said she will only leave you if vikrant fills your hairline. she could have killed you that’s why vikrant did this. please talk to me. Sid says I will not let this happen to simar. I will explain the reality to prem.

prem asks surbhi to get in the car, he recalls vikrant filling simar’s hairline. sid says prem please calm down and listen to me. Prem says I don’t wanna listen anything. sid says why are you doing this? We are already in a lot of trouble. Prem says what truth Is left after all this. You hurt me by talking about simar again and again. sid says I can’t see you in pain. I want you to know the reality. prem says I don’t care about anything any more. Sid says when simar feels pain you do. Subhi says vikrant filled simar’s hairline still you are supporting her. Stop it now. Leave us alone please. He wants to start a new life. Sid says I neg you surbhi I can feel your pain. Me and roli tried to make you and prem one. We want him to know the truth that we know. If you get to know it you will realize that only siamr has right to be prem’s wife. Prem says stop it, I thought you are my brother. You care about me but I was wrong you only care about roli and she cares about simar. That’s why you bring me to simar every time. You are mean. sid says you mean I am doung this for roli not you? Prem says yes you don’t care about me. You only care about roli and siamr. sid says I won’t have chased you all the time If I didn’t care. Prem says your ego is hurt because I have started taking my own decisions.

Mata ji is worried. She says why I feel like something bad is happening.
Prem says I have died for you. Sid says I just want you to see the reality. Prem says find another way to make roli happy. Sid says stay in your limits. Prem says roli and simar deceived me. And you helped them. Sid says this is too much. Prem says what will you do? you will hit me? Surbhi says please stop it prem ji. Sid says I won’t let you go. Prem says leave me. He says no I won’t prem shoves him. Sid stands still and slaps prem. Surbhi is bewildered. Sid says I have been trying to tell you why you don’t understand. Prem slaps him back. Sid is shocked. Perm says don’t ever try to hit me again. Mata ji sees that her family frame falls on the floor. She says what kind of sign is that, God? My family is already in trouble.

sid says you will slap your elder brother. I just expected you to listen to your wife. Is this the cross of limitations. prem says you aided the woman who betrayed me. Sid slaps him again and says no prem no prem. Prem holds her collar and they start hitting each othe.r Surbhi says what are you both doinf please stop it. mata ji gets a cut from the broken pieces of glass, She looks at the picture and says I spent my whole life in making this family one unti. Please God don’t let them shatter.

Vikrant says I ma srry I had to fill your hairline. I had no other option. She would have killed you. Surbhi comes there and says roli prem and sid are hitting each other please come with me. vikrant and roli go with her. simar is still sitting there. Roli asks sid to leave him. She says at least care about our family name. Prem says don’t ever interfere in my life again sid. Sid says I will, I always will. I can’t see my family in trouble. Prem says simar betrayed me you know that. I have seen the reality today. From now I will never think about her. she pretended her death before two years and now vikrnat. Its all joke for her. Why she came back? I wished she never came back. SHe didn’t give me this much pain when she died.

Precap-mata ji says you made fun of all of us in whole world. Roli says sunnaina was still in this world she captured simar’s body and says made her do and say all those things.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. This is getting out of hand

  2. very bad prem .

  3. very bad prem . plz do yar anething

  4. Guys plz end the show

  5. wait yar dont tell like that something surprice is ther wait and see

  6. nothing suprise s thr…..this is the worst show i have never seen……..prem should go to the hell……he dont have any love towards simar……he just need a girl……first simar now surbhi…..he will betray surbhi also for another girl…….

  7. stupid prem is he got mad??????

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