Sasural Simar Ka 2nd November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd November 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 2nd November 2013 Written Update

Roli is surprised finding herself in Sonia’s house. She sees a photo and asks the servant if that’s Sonia. The servant says yes. He goes to get coffee for her. Roli says to herself this is so strange whose name they are using.. she will meet her now. She decides to tell this to Simar.

Simar tells Mausiji and Janvi that they used Sonia’s name after researching a lot. Sonia is the only person who is successful and whom media doesn’t know. She says but we didn’t know that she will come in front of us being Prem’s friend and Sid’s boss. Mausiji says now they will have to hide truth from Sonia as well along with Meghna. Janvi blames herself for all the troubles. Simar and Mausiji calm her down and say they will win in the end. Mausiji says they will have execute their plans with more pace now.

Mausiji, Sujata, Uma, Pari’s mum are in the living room. Prem comes there upset. Mataji and Sujata ask him if everything is okay. Prem is not sure what to say. Pari and Shelu come there. Pari says, I will tell you why he’s upset. Shelu tries to stop her, but Pari still says it that Prem thinks women are only good to stay in the house. Prem says it’s not that.. I have no doubt on your talent, but the way you talked was not proper. Pari argues with him. Mataji says Pari shouldn’t have behaved rudely. Pari’s mum argues with Mataji saying store is on her son’s name, then can’t she give suggestions? Mataji says she surely can give suggestions but like how women know more about housework, men know about their outside work and we should trust them and let them take final decision. Mataji tries to explain to Pari. Pari says she doesn’t want any problem in the family because of her either.. and for that she wants to be in charge of her son’s store. Everyone is shocked.

Roli is worried and decides that she will have to leave from there very soon. She first waits till Sid comes so she can give the file to him, but then says Sonia will be coming with Sid and she can’t face Sonia. She is about to leave, but then sees Meghna and Sourya coming to Sonia’s house. She doesn’t know what to do now.

Pari says she also wants to settle and she will run the store. Shelu asks her what are you saying? Mausiji teases Pari saying it’s running store, not doing make up. And if she really wants to do decoration, then she can change all curtains and do decorations in the house.. that way house will be decorated for diwali as well. Sujata explains to Pari that Aarav is very small and he needs his mother. Pari argues why all rules for her only? Simar also worked when Anjali was small. Mataji says circumstances were different back then. Pari’s mum says she will look after Aarav and there are other family members too. Mataji says he can’t stay without his mother entire day. Family is against Pari’s decision, but Pari wants to handle her son’s store herself. Pari’s mum tells Prem what’s wrong if she helps you in setting up the store? Prem says for her, that store is only hers. Pari and Prem argue. Pari compares herself with Simar and asks why they can’t give her chance to prove herself like they gave to Simar. Family tries to make her understand, but she doesn’t listen to anyone. In end, Mataji gets angry and tells her to go to her room and cool down her mind, then they will talk. Pari leaves.

Roli is very worried. She then thinks of something and quickly changes her avatar by removing mangal sutra. Right then Meghna and Sourya enter. They are surprised seeing Roli in saree. Roli says what a pleasant surprise. Meghna says we are surprised seeing you like this. Roli says I was going to mandir for a deal. Meghana says, you’re not respecting your words. Roli says, meaning? Meghna says you’re doing deal with someone else now.. Sourya has got ready for the marriage now. Episode ends.

Precap: Roli says she is getting late and has to leave now. She suggests they keep a meeting tomorrow, but Meghna says as they are already there, why not talk about it? Roli receives a call from Sid who tells her that they are reaching Sonia’s house in 2 minutes. Roli is shocked.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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