Sasural Simar Ka 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shastri Sisters And Sasural Simar Ka – Holi Special Mahasangam One Hour Episode….

The Episode starts with Sareen family and Shastri family celebrating holi. Anu tells Rajat that Simar is calling her and goes to take the call. Simar says she could not come in their marriage and says congrats. Anu invites her in holi and Simar says she needs her help. Anu asks is everything fine. Simar says she will come and talk. Rajat and Anu hhave sweet moments and he goes to apply her color/ She asks him to wear blue stole and she runs fooling him. Saajna…………plays……………

Anu goes and bumps into Veer. She asks when did he come and this dhol. Rajat hugs Veer and wishes happy holi. The Bharadaj family joins them. Simar hugs Anu and says happy holi. Anu asks her is everything fine, what help you want. Simar says nothing is fine and asks her does she know who is she. Anu says she is your sister Roli. Anu asks what. Simar says no, she is not my sister. Fake Roli greets everyone and smiles. Simar tells Anu about red door secret and says if she gets the keys, I can reach my Roli, she has the golden keys in her keychain, I need to get it anyhow and I need your help.

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Anu says I will help you, you will have the keys before leaving, this is my promise. Devyaani says me too and joins their hands. She says I heard everything, I will also help. Simar thanks them and says I m sure this work will be done, I will save my Roli. Anu says this is sister’s love. Simar wishes she gets the keys, then she can open the red door and free her Roli, this holi is uncolorful without my Roli, and prays Lord to make me meet my Roli.

Fake Roli gets a call and asks did he get the trunk. Jatin says yes, but where should I get it. She asks him to come to Sareen’s Holi party soon and ends the call. She says Simar, I got the trunk, who will save you and your sister now. Simar asks Prem why is he so scared and Prem sees Roli smiling at him. Roli asks Simar to celebrate Holi, and asks is she missing any loved one, and says in some time, I will get the trunk. Simar is shocked. Simar thinks how did she get the trunk. Roli says be happy, but once I get the trunk, don’t know when will you get a chance to be happy.

Sareen comes and asks why should we keep such party if they make groups and stand aloof. Simar says everything is fine, we will come. Roli asks Simar to come, she will play Holi and enjoy, with red color. Simar and Prem are shocked. Prem asks Simar not to worry, and try to get the keys from this Naagin, he will manage about the trunk. Veer talks to everyone and takes the couple’s names. He says Bhaang counter is open, come and have. The dhol plays and they have the bhang. Neil smiles seeing Devyaani. They have a sweet nok-jhok.

Jatin gets entry as waiter along with the trunk, and thinks where is Roli. Sareen orders him to get drinks. Minty and Astha have a talk about Veer’s accident and they have bhang in this part, it means their plan will work. Minty sends a letter along with the Bhaang glass for Anu. Simar tells Anu that she has to get the keys. Devyaani says I have an idea why don’t we make Roli have bhang, as we can get the keys, we don’t have any option. Anu says I find this right. Devyaani takes Simar. The waiter gives Anu the glass and a letter. Anu says thanks and reads the letter, that he made this drink for her, I have put my love in this. Anu smiles thinking its Rajat.

Anu smiles and says I know its Rajat sending this love. Minty and Astha ask Anu to drink it. Anu drinks the Bhaang. Astha and Minty smile. Veer dances on the dhol. Simar and Devyaani come to Roli. Devyaani greets Roli and asks about Simar and her, being in same household after marriage, and asks her to come and have bhang. Roli says no, I don’t drink bhang. Devyaani insists and convinces her. She gets the glasses and makes Roli drink it.

Neil sees Devyaani and says she did not have it when I told her, and now bottoms up. His friends tease him about Devyaani. Neil drinks and throws the glass, asking them not to tease him by Devyaani’s name. Roli gets drunk and asks for more bhang. Alka and Rohan stand away. Vrinda asks them to go and enjoy the Holi. Rohan refuses. Anu sees Veer dancing and calls him out. He makes her dance. She asks did he se Rajat. He brings Rajat saying your wife is looking for you. Anu and Rajat dance. Anu says the chit he sent her, she got it. Rajat is unable to hear her because of dhol sound.

Astha and Minty look on. Astha says half work is done by bhang and other work should be done by us, we should make Anu and Veer dance and show Rajat their dance and closeness. Rajat goes. Minty says where did Rajat and Veer go. Anu dances alone. Roli asks for more Bhaang. Devyaani smiles and asks her to have sweets. She tries taking the keys and makes her dress torn by the nail. She says I m so sorry. Roli says its fine. Devyaani says come with me, I will give you a beautiful dress, else I will think you did not forgive me. Roli agrees.

Simar smiles. Jatin looks for Roli and sees her with Devyaani. Rajat and Veer catch Jatin. Amar and Calender come and thanks them for doing their work. Rajat and Veer smile. Prem satys you guys solved a big problem. Rajat says welcome, tell us if you need any other help. Calender takes the trunk. Jatin thinks to call Roli and says my mobile fell somewhere.

Anu sits alone and holds her head. Astha says Anu is totally drunk. Minty says she will do something that Anu’s life changes forever. Simar hears this and thinks what are they going to do, she can’t let them hurt Anu, as Anu and Devyaani are doing a lot for her. She tells Prem that he got the trunk by Rajat and Veer’s help, and Anu and Devyaani are helping her in getting the keys, they are helping us, I will make them alert from coming problems. Anu gets another chit. Anu reads the chit asking her to celebrate Holi with him in their room. Anu says Rajat always makes riddles. Simar hears her and goes to warn her. Sareen asks her to have snacks, and Simar says she will come. Sareen stops her and asks her to have all sweets. Simar says where did Anu go and looks for her.

Astha and Minty see Veer and talk will he go. Minty says he will go if the girl he loves calls him. Simar says what are they doing. Veer also gets a chit. He reads that Anu is calling him to meet in her room for imo work. Veer says what work can she have now, that she called me to her room. Minty says Veer is going, I will find Rajat to see this drama.

Devyaani asks Roli to change her clothes. Roli removes the keychain and takes the dress. Devyaani sends her to change and takes the keychain. She says this does not have the keys and recalls she has seen it before. She checks her purse and says where did the key go, I felt I m smart, she is more smarter than me. Roli comes back with a new hairstyle and outfit, and Devyaani compliments her. She takes her out. Devyaani says if the keys are not here, where is it.

Anu waits for Rajat in her room, and says where is he, I will call him, and does not get the phone. Anu is unable to see number in phone and says Rajat come soon. Astha follows Veer. Simar stops Astha and her phone breaks. Simar says I m in hurry, sorry and leaves. Astha says where did Veer go, and goes to Anu’s room. Minty looks for Rajat and asks him to come along. Rajat says guests are waiting. Minty says she is going to show him something imp. Astha says in which room did Anu go and checks. Minty gets Rajat there and says she has to show him something. Astha says my reputation is not well, and hides.

Minty asks him to see Anu’s state and calls her. Rajat asks what happened to her. Minty says wait, you will know everything. Anu comes out. Minty says come Anushka, and waits for Veer. Anu says there is no one. Rajat asks what happened mum. Minty checks the room. Astha says where did Veer go. Minty does not get anyone. Rajat asks whom is she finding. Rajat asks Anu why did she come out. Anu says you have sent me the chit so I came. Minty gets tensed. Rajat says which chit, mum got me here. Astha smiles. Minty says yes, I saw you coming this way and thought you are unwell and need Rajat, so I got him here.

Rajat asks Anu is she unwell. Anu says no, I was feeling little dizzy, but I m fine now, lets go. They all leave. Simar says she has stopped Veer else don’t know what would have happened. She meets Veer and stops him, saying that note was for Rajat and he got it by mistake. Veer says now it makes sense and thanks her. Simar says its good if I don’t tell this truth to Anu, as this can lessen her happiness. She goes to talk to Anu.

She asks Anu to take care of her marriage from everyone’s bad sight. Anu asks what is she saying. Simar says don’t trust anyone, if its about her and Rajat. Anu says fine. Devyaani comes and says she did not get the keys. She says I had the keychain, but it did not had the keys. Simar says how, she has the keys, but where will she keep it. Anu sees Roli and says the key is in her hairknot. Simar smiles. They think how to get it. Anu sees the water gun and tells her plan. She asks Devyaani to call everyone for dance.

Roli dances with Siddhant. Simar and Prem, Rajat and Anu dance along on the song Balam Pichkari……….. Simar puts water on Roli and the key falls off her hair. Anu picks it up and gives the keys to Simar, while Roli is dancing with Siddhant. Simar thanks Anu and Devyaani. Anu wishes she gets real Roli soon. Simar wishes Anu and Rajat always stay together. She says I got the keys and I have to go now. Fake Roli realizes the key is gone and is shocked. Anu says she will manage everything here. Prem comes and Simar shows him the key. She says we should go home soon and hugs Anu. Anu says all the best. They thank Anu and Devyaani and leave. Anu hugs Devyaani and smiles. Fake Roli looks at Simar and Prem leaving.

Simar says whatever happens today, I will free my Roli from this Naagin’s clutches. She uses the keys and says why is this door opening. Fake Roli comes and the key falls. She steps on the keys and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. is this fusion requried??? instead regular episode… making feel bore to watch!!!

  2. This lal darwaaza Is nonsense..its right beside mata rani’s idol and no one checks….
    How come these ppl be totally unaware of the rooms in their own house..this also hapnd when meghana singhania kidnapped them and put in a room with a one side view glass and they had no idea!!!!This lal darwaaza Is nonsense..its right beside mata rani’s idol and no one checks….
    How come these ppl be totally unaware of the rooms in their own house..this also hapnd when meghana singhania kidnapped them and put in a room with a one side view glass and they had no idea!!!!

  3. sick of that stupid sara khan wat b*t*h is she y they are not ending that stupid biatch roll in this serial .. seriously this is really so sick i hate it more failure to simar god pls end this story

  4. Point Mehanaz……..
    Watching this sangam was useless…and all their efforts are also going to be it because the scriptwriter is on leave that the story is revolving around the same boaring subject….the cycle of fake roli catching simar all the time is going on and on….. utter nonsense

  5. Ya I too goes with mehanaz and Natasha comments

  6. god pls sara leave this show we hate u bcoz you are playing that stupid role most of the serial watchers are hating you god leave this role this good for u

  7. Yeah…sara can no way replace our lovely bubbly avika.
    The way she acts and dance is a joke…

  8. do bharadwaj family require holi celebrations in this difficult times???

  9. y do u ppl cmpare acting?? every1 has their own way of acting…. sara is not roli.. n she is doing her best as nagin…

  10. Geetha Mohanraj

    Amena update fast yaar jaldi karo…

  11. Geetha Mohanraj

    Janani loves jp da…

  12. Geetha Mohanraj

    Update fast please..

  13. Not even She is not doing her best as nagin she needs to do lot and lot of homework. Always same expression and in same look . Hate that to the core. One more thing this Sara khan is not even fit to compare with our roli.

    1. Clap clap clap

  14. Geetha Mohanraj

    Geetha loves raja da..

  15. Kya bakwaas kar rahe hain yeh mujhe patha hai ki roli nagin hain aur mujheyeh bhi patha hain ki woh nagin uska dil toch karkar mind read kar sakthi hain to usne devyaani ka haath chuaa na. Kuch socha karo!!!!!!!

  16. Geetha Mohanraj

    Sry for my personel msgs…

  17. Kaun update kar raha hain does anyone knw …..????????

  18. I think about last year holi. With beintehaa family and all families celebrated holi with great fun and especially ROSID . I miss them both now….

    Miss you ROSID…

  19. Now only two seruals celebrating…

    I want all families to celebrate it in next year with rosid enjoying great fun together……

  20. Hello, the drama useless becoz it really boring and mojo can’t ne saifi this long 7 year and the same mojo the monkey

  21. kya ye sach hai ssk go off air on 7th march 2015? can any one tel me.. on girl work in ssk posted dat wat is in ssk wikipedia? kya vo sach hai ssk go off air? tel me

  22. When will this track end??

  23. this mahasangamam is waste of time.there is no use for that.simar got the keys but she doesnt open it and anushka doesnt know about minty.same story is repeating again

  24. I guess Avika is busy preparing for her boards nd so doesn’t want to come for full episode nd cuming part by part..

  25. The drama never ends, they testing viewers patience, plz end this drama as soon as possible otherwise the show lost their trp ratings.

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