Sasural Simar Ka 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone has disguised as the workers. Juwala takes the pena nd signs the papers. SHe says bharadwaj house and the vicinity area is your now.
Roli and Simar are so happy. She says bharadwaj house will be empty by today I will handover the keys. SHe leaves. Everyone celebrates. Mausi ji hugs Mata ji. Mata jo goes and Hugs roli and simar. Everyone is so happy.Simar says we won’t ahev done it without you all. Roli asks how did this happen ? Sankalp says Khanna ji backout at last moments and this was all mata ji’s idea. Mausi ji says my jiji acted so well. Mata ji says we have got our house back. Lets thanks God.

Scene 2
Its celebration time at the house. Everyone is enjoyijng the sweets. Juwala comes and says wow this is great. You people are celebrating your last moments here. Its good that you have given up. Otherwise you would have destroyed my image. Seven days are over and so is the deadline. Now come on leave this house. Bharadwaj house has new owner now. She says I love to see you like this mataa ji. Finally you have to leave thus house.
Roli and Simar come there as tara and sara. Roli says juwala devi this house belongs to mata ji and always will. Juwala is shocked. Prema and Sid come in too. SId says we are here,. They come in
Prem says we know how to fight. Roli says this is time for you to know the truth. SId reveals his identity. Juwala is dazed. Prem Roli and Siamr follow him. Juwala can’t believ this. She is so shocked.]
Juwala says nice trick but this alone bharadwaj house wil not get yoy anything. I have papers of entire area. I will force you to leave this house.
Simar says what if the papers were about the whole neighborhood. Roli says Juwala devi read the papers you signed. Simar says I wish you had agrees to birju and read the papes. The papers say that you name this whole area to us.
Roli says you should have waited. You gave us all the papers. Kinjal says you killed my husband. You will never be happy. Verma says you deserve this. Now go to hell.
Sujata says our houses are different but we are united. They all laugh at juwala.
Everyone is chanting against her. She says ypou don’t know my [ower I will destroy you all. I will burn you in fore of my anger.

Juwala goes out. She says you will have to pay for this/. SHe is shouting suddenly birju sees the press. Birju says I think you have spoken so much. Press start critising her. Reporters start asking questions. Juwala leaves the place.

Kinjal says thanks to Siamr and Roli for getting their house back. Mausi ji says there should be a party for this. Mata ji says oay we will plan a celebration fro all of you. You have to come.

Scene 2
Simar and jhanvi ate talking. Roli comes there. Simar applies turmeric to her bruise. Roli says you should have taken care. Finale is here. Jahnvi tells them the whole story. She tells about the condition of bua ji.

Precap-Roli and sid are happy/ Rolu dances on a song.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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