Sasural Simar Ka 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid says are you my roli? Roli says no I am not your roli. Sid and aman are shocked. Sid says why are you dazed? you have herd right. Sid says who are you then? Where is my roli? She says I don’t know who I am. and until I drank that medicine I was your roli. Your doubted on me and took my identity and you never considered me your roli. I have lost my face and voice but I never gave up because you were with me but today you doubted me. I drank this medicine because I wasn’t scared. You had issues with me. She says according to aman everyone says truth after eating this medicine, I had it and I am saying I am your roli. She is in tears. Aman says if she is saying she is roli that means she is, after this medicine. Sid says roli I didn’t doubt you, I trust you, roli says please don’t give me clarifications. you never considered me roli. you never said it though. Sid says no its not like that. aman comes in and says I am responsible for all this. Its not sid’s mistake and it was important. It all started after your come back. I thought something might have happened to you Sid says I did this to remove his doubts, I am sorry. Roli says don’t be. roli gives the medicine back to aman. Roli says sid I am roli and I vow on my relationship that I will find that woman.

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Scene 2
Simar is in jail. she is worried on what vashnavi said. Simar says what I did that night? Constable comes and says you are bailed. inspector says you cant go out of Delhi. Prem takes simar with her. Simar is in tension. Prem says are you okay? SImar says I wanna go somewhere right now. prem says where? simar says I cant tell you but its important. Prem says I cant let you go alone. I don’t wanna go away from you again.

Sid says aman we have to find a way to get to that woman. aman says she is easy enough to come in and go out of this house. roli says can we announce in whole society that someone will come and tell me something about daksha baa and leela. This will provoke that woman and she will come here. Sid says its a festival tomorrow roli will stay home and that woman will come for sure. We will hide in the house. Aman says good idea.

Simar and prem are looking for the temple. Vashnavi is doing pooja in temple. Prem and simar join her. She gives them prashad. Vashnavi says you both are good partners, come. She says I know you are worried simar. how I saved daksha and leela from you. I will tell you everything. She says I was going home. Our cars met an accident. I came out of car and scolded at your driver. Simar stared at him. Vash said are you mad why are you satring at me? Vash saw daksha and leela roped in the back seat. vash was shocked. she opened the back door. simar was standing behind with a rod. simar said I told you to stay away from me. I asked you to take for your damage and leave. This is what you wanted to see? No pay for it by dying. Driver said save us cops. simr asked her driver to catch. Vash said stay there don’t come near me. Simar attacked her but she escaped. vasg threw a stone at her. simar’s head was heavy. Vash opened the back door and released daksha and leella. Vash said why you wanna save her? she wanna kill you. leela says we know her, she is nice but someone has hypnotized her. her family is stuck in trouble.

Precap-simar is home. roli asks why you look worried simar? Mata ji says why is she crying? Simar says I killed daksha baa.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. whatever the story…simar looks sooooooooo beautiful……veryyyyyyyyyyy pretty…..i like u simar very much……..

    1. harshitha reddy

      actlly….nd in d recnt tymzz….her sarizz r 2 gud…dey suit her….luv u loadzz simar aka deepika samson…

  2. The story of the drama is getting confusing

  3. V want avika as roli

  4. Plzzz avika come back

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