Sasural Simar Ka 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikram says to anjali we will have to leave. Prem says but you didn’t even eat. Vikram says its urgent work. Simar says it must be important. Next time I will have dinner and lunch both here. Vikram says lets go anjali. He meets everyone and leaves.
They come home. Saroj says you two came so early? Anjali says vikram had some work. Saroj says what work? You don’t do any business deals at night. He says tai ji it was urgent. Did our bank manager come? She says no. Vikram says why no one comes on time. Anjali says why are you so restless. The manager comes. Vikram says to anjali go have dinner I have some work with Mr. Khanna I will complete it. Agarwal says Mr. Khanna you so late? Vikram takes the money from khanna and signs the papers. Agarwal comes in there and sees all the cash. Agarwal says why you need so much cash? Vikram says there are urgent payments. Agarwal says we deal in cheques. Are you doing something wrong again? Vikram says I am not doing anything thats wrong.

At night, Vadhai says yes aunty I am here. Piyush says do you have what ma gave you? She recalls the camera and says yes. simar says vikram shouldn’t know about our plan. This camera can prove you innocent and save anjali’s life. Be careful. Vadahi says don’t worry. simar says keep the phone on. Vikram comes. Vadhi hides the phone.
Khushi says whats the problem? Vikram left in a hurry and here these mother and son are doing something.
Vikram gives her the briefcase and says count it and leave. Vadhai says thank you for doing this for me? He says this is all you wanna say? Vadhai says I am really sorry I shouldn’t have stood against you. You are son of such a big family and I.. I am really sorry. Simar says Piyush have we done a mistake? Piyush says no we couldn’t go there. Vadhai will make vikram say all the truth. It will all be recorded on spy camera. Khushi overhears this. She says oh so this is the plan. Vadhai says Vikram I wanted to say you forgave me? I forgot everything you should too. He says shut up I didn’t come here to listen this. you wanted money take it. Vadahi says the fear is visible in your eyes. You came here so you can hide your sins. Vikram throttles her and says you talk to much no? Simar says why is vadhai not saying anything? Piyush says we have to do something. Simar says we have to go to her. SImar and Piyush rish out. Khushi says they shouldn’t reach there. I should inform vikram. Vikram says I did so much with you. I just kidnapped you for two days. I could do anything with you. Did I? you should be grateful for that. I will always be two steps ahead of you. You collected so many proofs. I gave money to police so they can arrest you. I tortured you so much but you are not scared of me. Are you scared of me now? Vadhai says I am doing this for anjali. Vikram says don’t take anjali’s name. What you think I will harm anjali? I love her. I can bear a single harm against her. Don’t take her name. You are not even worth her slipper. What I did with you was wrong. Vadahi says kill me. Vikram says you got me and my family insulted on my wedding.

Kb says Vikram and anajli should know I was behind this. She calls Vikram from an unknown number. He doesn’t pick up. KB says they will get the video and vikram will be exposed. I have to stop them somehow.
SImar and Piyush are going out. Kb tells prem. Prem stops them. KB says ask them where they are going so late? I am sure they are ready to create a new drama.
Vadahi coughs. Vikram says why are you forcing me vadhi? He sees her bag while picking up the briefcase. Vikram picks her bag. He gives her the briefcase and says take this money and get lost. Vadahi takes the briefcase and picks her phone. She says whatever happened I will forget it. She is leaving. Vikram says stop. Don’t show me your face in this city. This time you will be gone and no one will ever find you again. Go now. Vadahi leaves. Vadhi says in heart see you when you will be behind the bars.

Prem asks where were you two going? Simar says I will explain everything for now let me go. Khushi says why is she so hesitant to tell. Now I get it. They are going to anjali’s house. We all know simar can’t take her defeat. Her phone rings. KB says who am I to say all this? I am telling you rest is upto you. Prem says you are not going anywhere simar. simar says why wouldn’t I? With what right are you stopping us? You said your relation with me is just of name and with Piyush not even of name. Then why where we are going concerns you. So we are going. Prem nods. They leave.
KB says I still have time. I won’t let simar win.
Vikram is on his way. KB calls him. He picks up. KB says what I am saying listen to it. Vikram says who are you? SHe says just listen to me. she tells him about the spy cam. Vikram says who are you? and how you know all this? KB says don’t worry you will know by tomorrow I am not lying. Simar and Vadhi will expose you tomorrow. She hangs up.

Precap-Simar and Piyush are looking for vadhi. They see her injured. Simar says where did vikram go? THhe camera is not in your bag. Vadhai says he is leaving. Simar stands in front of his car. Piyush says why are you rushing Vikram?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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