Sasural Simar Ka 29th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 29th November 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 29th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Everyone is making the sweets. Shaureya says this is so boring there should be some music. Mausi ji says lets start ladies vs. gents. Simar and Roli are singing sarcastic songs looking at Shaureya. Shaureay sings the song, ‘Aa daikhain zara kia main kitna hai dam’, Simar and Roli understand the real meaning of the song. Everyone clamps after he sings except for roli and simar. They are all done with sweets. Men have done 100 and so have the ladies. MAusi ji says ladies and gents both have made the equal sweets. Mausi ji says men have won because of love they showed in making the sweets. Mata ji says the main thing is about the unity of our family.
Roli says to Simar why you asked to stop when i was telling his reality. Simar says we need a proof against him. Simar says we need to find a proof as soon as possible. He can’t hurt our family jhanvi until we are here.

Scene 2
Next morning the tempo man is not coming. Pari is so worried. Prem says lets me call other tempo service. Prem says it will take an hour. Shaureya comes in the room and says that what is the need of tempo we can deliver by car. Rajhinder says but we have to be at the opening of shop. Shaureya says i will deliver the oder with jahnvi and we will get there at the shop before the opening. Roli and Simar are shocked.
Everyone puts the sweets in the car and prem gives key to shaureya. Mata ji asks roli to take the stuff of pooja so they can leave too. Shaureay goes in the house too. He says how can bharatwaj family send me and jhanvi out there are so much accidents. Roli says stop playing the same game over and over again. Shaureya says okay as you wish see your jahnvi last time. Roli thinks that she should tells this to simar.

Scene 3
The whole family arrives at the shop and seems so happy. Uma wonders that pari has not even said her thanks. She goes to pari and says your happiness must be at the sky right now ? Pari says yes this is the result of my hardwork. Uma is sad that she is not even talking to her after she has got the order done. Mata ji is being called for pooja she says that our daughter and her husband have not come. Sid calls Jahnvi and shaureya and they’re not receiving. Roli asks pari to ask the client. She calls and they say that they have left since so long.
Shuareya is sitting outside the car. jhanvi is worried. He says think roli this time you have to speak against me otherwise how will you sopil your image. My phone is off and jhanvi’s at home. How long will you keep quiet Roli.
Roli says to Simar there can’t be any traffic on the road at this time. I am so worried let em call jhanvi. Shaureya is enjoying everyone’s tension. He says there is no one in the house except for simar that will believe roli . This is my talent my dear wife. Jahnvi is so worried in the car about getting there at the shop. Mata ji and Everyone are looking for them.
Shaureya pulls out the rim of the car and says i am done with my part Mrs. Roli Bharatwaj. Now its your turn.

Preacap- Roli says to mata ji that i wanna says something important she is about to began when mausi ji says they have arrived. Mata ji ask him where is jhanvi why is he alone?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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