Sasural Simar Ka 29th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 29th June 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 29th June 2013 Written Update

Jhumki stops everyone from eating. She says, Khushi made this daal and when she made with so much love, she deserves to eat first. Khushi gets worried. She says, how can I eat it? I made it for you all. And it’s my fast today. Jhumki says, you must be hungry more then. She forcefully feeds it to Khushi. Khushi starts jumping up and down because of chili. She tries to drink water, but Jhumki doesn’t let her drink. She says, eat more. Khushi runs away from there. Everyone laughs. Jhumki tells Mataji, except daal, everything else I made so you can start eating now.

Khushi comes to her room and drinks water. Jhumki comes, what did you think you will add chili n no one will figure it out? Bantu saw you adding chili. In end he’s my brother. Laxmanpur people have 4 eyes so they can keep an eye on people like you. She warns Khushi not to act smart with her or any family member. She leaves from there. Khushi laughs as all this was being recorded. She says, I knew Bantu saw me and I knew you would make me eat that daal. I ate daal so you get trapped in my plan. Now you will know who is real winner of this game. She congratulates herself for collecting proof against her. She now decides to show this to Bharadwajs. Well well, Jhumki is still standing at the door. She tells Khushi, don’t dare to show this CD to Bharadwajs. Khushi asks, who will stop me? Jhumki says, someone who has been saving this family since long time.. God. I know God won’t let anything happen to this family, that is why Matarani sent me back here on right time. Jhumki snatches the CD. Khushi runs after her and calls out everyone, but no one comes out. Khushi has CD with her once again. Bantu comes out. Bantu and Jhumki chase her. After a while, they all sit down to rest. Khushi calls out everyone, Bantu says no one will come out. They start chasing her again. Khushi is on a mat. Bantu quietly pulls it and Khushi falls down. Jhumki gets the CD and she breaks it. She tells Khushi, just like this CD, your story will be over tomorrow as well. Bantu and Jhumki leave. Khushi says, my story won’t get over that fast.

Everyone has gathered for the pooja. Mataji asks about Prem and Sid. Simar says, they went to talk with lawyers. Mataji says, today 7 days are complete.. tomorrow court will make its decision and Khushi will be gone from here forever. After that happiness will be back in house. Mataji tells Roli to do arti today. Jhumki doesn’t take it. Simar says in her mind, maybe she doesn’t believe in God that is why she is not taking. Simar tells Mataji, I will do it. But Jhumki takes the arti on last moment. She says in her mind, I never knew I would start believing in you, but seeing this believing in you, I also started believing in you. They do arti. Veeru and Khushi are watching them from upstairs. Veeru is angry at Khushi as she went to show CD to everyone for no reason and he didn’t get any proof from Jhumki’s group either. He says, and seems like they made God take their side by giving them laddus. Khushi says, since when you started believing in God? There’s still time. There is party tonight and we can get some proof tonight.

It’s night and all guests are coming in for the party. Guests ask why this big party all of a sudden? Any special occasion? Sujata says, we are going to get our happiness back. Khushi and Veeru come. Mausiji taunts them that they won’t have anything like this from tomorrow. Uma joins Mausiji. They tell her to enjoy as much as possible. Khushi says, keep your advice to yourself and remember, it doesn’t take long for time to change. Bharadwajs are happy as they are going to get rid off Khushi very soon. Khushi says in her mind, get as happy as you want, soon this Jhumki will confess that she is not Roli, but Jhumki from Laxmanpur.

Precap: None

Update Credit to: Shreya

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