Sasural Simar Ka 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji slaps fake roli. Everyone is dazed. Mata ji says how dare you to talk about leaving this house. I will throw you out if you ever say that again. Whatever is happening in this house is saddening me but now its time to take s strong step. I have to do something to save this family. now only i will speak and you all will listen. mata ji says i am sorry vashnavi ji we are going through a lot of problems, but she is our roli. and the girl who told you all this is a lie. we were about to complain against her in police. simar says vash ji we are thankful that you thought so much about our family. She hold vash’s hand. Simar says but this time its enough for us. Vash understands. Vash says first I didn’t trust that girl but she repeated it again and again so i came here to ask you people. but if you people are saying she is a liar we should end it here. I should go, she leaves. Mata ji asks rajhinder to call ACP. Mata ji says to ACP i am nirmala bharadwaj, she goes out to talk. everyone wonders what mata ji is talking to ACP about. Fake roli says in heart what if cops go and inquire from shurti’s parents. Fake roli says didi go and stop mata ji.

Mata ji comes in and says don’t worry truth will be in front of everyone, simar says but we shouldn’t involve cops. mata ji says we have no other option i am doing all this after much thoughts. i am going to meet ACP. Prem says i will come with you as well. Mata ji says no i will go alone. I will handle this problem myself now. Mata ji leaves.

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Fake roli calls shurti’s dad and says leave this city three of you. Cops will be coming to your house any time. if you get caught i will kill you all. The man says to shurti and shshma. he says we will leave this city. they are very rich people. I will get transferred. go pack up we have to leave, shurti says but.. He says don’t you listen what i am saying, go and pack your stuff.

fake roli comes to simar and says why couldn’t you stop her from going to acp? simar says i tried but she didn’t listen. she does what she thinks is the best for family. Fake roli holds simar’s hand. fake roli says did you tell mata ji about my truth? Simar says in heart i wont have to lie about this. simar says i have not told her. fake roli says in heart she is not lying. she says i worry that no one should know what i have hidden. simar says in heart i dont know how to stop mata ji. simar wonders where mata ji is.

ACP takes mausi ji to a cell. she wonders why they have brought her here. someone walks in mausi ji is scared. she says promise i haven’t told anyone, mata ji says wipe your tears. Mausi ji is shocked to see her. Mata ji says i know that you are innocent and i know that the girl who lives with us a roli is not roli and she has hypnotized. you took this blame but how i trusted that you can harm me or family i should have understood you. please pardon me. mausi ji says i hurt you i am so sorry. i held you accused for my lonliness.

mata ji hugs mausi ji and says you shuld never have done this. Mausi ji sees someone coming in, Its aman and calendar. Mata ji says please amar pardon us for what you are facing. He says please dont do this. i know simar was forced to say all that. mata ji says we have to solve this problem but simar can’t help us. That woman is keeping an eye on her. Mata ji asks mausi ji what you know about that woman. Mausi ji says i was celebrating lorhi with everyone but i was so worried for roli. I went in the house. When i came there it was all dark. I looked for roli everywhere. i heard some anklets. A woman came to her. Mausi ji said is she the same woman. SHe got scared when she saw her eyes. fake roli came to her and says you shouldn’t have seen me. Mausi ji says she told me she will kill whole famly or i should take all the blame. mata ji hugs her and says don’t be scared. mata ji says i know about that woman and i know that she is dangerous. We have to be very careful for that you have to stay here. If she gets to know you are out she will know. She says i am ready to love here all my life for our family. amar says what we have to do?

Precap-shurti comes in the house with a woman. everyone is scared. sujata says what are they doing here? Mata ji says until this matter is solved they will live here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. for how long years does dis fake roli drama gona continue????????????????????
    huhhh gotta vex by watching dis shit..
    kindly end dis n for god sake put drama of hapines in simar’s life for atleast few seconds…
    she desrves 2 b hapy 4 atleast sometime

  2. Mataji rockss….finally there is someone to take bold steps against fake roli and work out things more sensibly.

  3. Yup! Mataji has to do vthis. How long u can afraid of someone n live ur life like a he’ll .

  4. great plan mata ji
    finaly roli is going to stay with her family and her love sid, hopefully sid come to know the truth…………..

  5. Loved mataji today!!! Mataji rocks..finally the story is moving.

  6. mata ji rocks mata ji rocks

    u guys r saddos

  7. Fedup of dis serial;(

  8. The thing is mataji is elder and more wise about everything because she is experienced with understanding how to always handle bad situations. But remember she never had to lie, and the truth always wins. Simar has tried to protect her family, but obviously the drama is just longed out by not telling the what happened. She’s all forgive me and all that. Lol cute but annoying. Always get on with the next chapter.

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