Sasural Simar Ka 29th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 29th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
pari slaps Surbhi. Achna tries to console surbhi. Surbhi is fainting. Mata ji asks her to lay on the bed and asks jhanvi to check. mata ji says whats wrong with her ? Jhanvi says there is not need to call doctor. She has not cut her vein. Its just a wound I will dress it up and she will be fine.

Prem is in the hospital, simar is coming from the other side. she is going in vikran’s room.
Vikran is saying sunnaina sunnaina. Simar comes in. vikran says simar I felt sunnaina a few moments later. Siamr says there is so much I wanted to tell you as sunnaina’s soul is insider her. she says this is me your sunnaian. Vikran says I was so alone without you sunnaina why you left me Vikran says there has been no meaning to my life in these two years., if sanju wasn’t here I would have come to you long ago. Why you left me ? Prem is over hearing their conversation. simar says who has control over fate but yes I promise I will not let anything happen to sanju. I was always with you I will always be. Prem goes out. Sunnaian says its time for me to go. my task is over. Sunnaina’s soul leaves simar’s body. simar says she has gone. her soul will attain the peace now. Now you have to take care of sanju and yourself. Vikran nods. Simar says my whole family is waiting for me. It has been so long I have to go. Vikran says all right. Simar leaves.

Scene 2
Surbhi says didi everything is over. I can’t live with this reality. Mata ji says what reality ? what happened that you wanna kill yourself. surbhi says no one can help me now. There is nothing left in my life now. achan says what is this ? she doesn’t tell anything. Pari says tell me alone if you can’t tell in front of everyone. surbhi says forgive me I couldn’t be a good daughter and a sister. Surbhi says please let me die. prem comes in. pari says surbhi is out of her mind, she tried to kill herself. She said she doesn’t want to live. she is talking like there is nothing left in life. prem says our life just started then what happened that you want to end everything ? surbhi says my dream are over. All of the dream hacve shattered. I can’t live with this reality. The woman who has been living as sunnaina in this house is not sunnaina, she is simar. she is simar bharadwaj. Everyone is bewildered. mausi ji says what are you sayin g? she just looks like simar she isn’t simar. Sujata, prem everyone went to her house. Sujaata says there is some misunderstanding she isn’t simar she is sunnaina. sid says no maa she is simar bharadwaj. Prem is dazed and so is everyone else. Mata ji says what are you saying ? Sid says simar did all this for our family, for roli and to get real sunnaina justice. How and why she will explain everything to you. She must be coming. No one can believe this. mata ji says in heart oh God why I am feeling like my family is in trouble.

Scene 3
Simar comes in home along with roli. Roli says after two years simar is coming to her sasural. Simar says what will happen when the family know the truth ? how will they react ? Roli says when they find the truth out they will be so happy. They will embrace you. Simar says their trust has been broken prem came to me with trust that I was simar but sunnaina came in my body and showed that I am not his simar. That was my face and body, prem ji must be thinking that I am not his siamr. roli says he will be by your side. Come in.
Simar enters the house holding roli’s hand. Sid comes there. roli asks is everything okay at the house ? sid says surbhi tried to suicide by the time she reached the house. she has told the truth to whole family. They turn , Prem is coming down the stairs in tears. He recalls when simar lied to him in Mehta house. He recalls simar saying to vikran I will always be with you. simar comes forward. Whole family comes downstairs. Simar is in tears. surbhi is there too with pari. Mata ji says there is no feeling in my heart. I don’t know should I go and hug her or should I slap her.
Simar says prem ji.. prem slaps her hard.

Precap-prem holds surbhi’s hand in front of simar. he takes her to the temple and takes some sindur. Surbhi says please stop prem ji.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Omg thats y prem slapped simar becuz of the convo between sunnaina nd vikran

  2. Prem Plzz don’t marry surbi

  3. i thought prem will be undestand her simar but no he is asual same man mentality.oh i take this yaar.if my words r worng than iam sorry.but this was i think.and prem atleast u should think of ur daughter anjali naa.

  4. I hate prem putting sindhur on Surbhi.How can he do that without listening to simar.This doesn’t workout.Prem n simar parting oh god…

  5. harshitha reddy

    :'(……….ohh godddddd…………….plzzz dont do dis….i watch dis serial only fr prem,nd simar…………..dey r toooo adorable 2geder………i cant c simar breakng anymore……..nd wat d hell how can prem thnk like dat about simar……….itzzz 2 rude of him……………nd dis surbhi i hate her for partng prem nd simar……..if she wouldnt say it………simar wuld herself say about it….nd make prem undrstand about al dis….i’m sure dat tym hezz nt gonna do like dis………anywayzzz i’m gonna hate dis session now…premar partng

  6. Now prem has lost his love for simar….. tooo bad time for premar

  7. Prem is so cruel… it means that he doesn’t love simar truthfully

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