Sasural Simar Ka 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 29th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Simar says this will b e the lesson for all the politicians who consider us fool. Khushi says it won’t be easy.She can get any of us shut. Nothing can be done to her. Simar says this is the reason of all the corruption. Roli says anyone has to initiate. Sid says we will start it and send her to the place she deserves.

Scene 2
juwala does the pooja and says to birju that people should kno my name like they don’t remember anyone else while voting. Party office should be ready. Once I win these elections i will do whatever I want. She goes to that room and opens the door. She is in tears and says my son. I wish he could come with me. Birju says we can take him if you want so. She says not yet. It won’t be right.

Scene 3
Jhanvi calls Sujata and says I don’t know how to buy the stuff in such low price. Sujata says i will tell you. Pari says this is cheating. Jahnvi says she is right. bua ji says you shivered on the very first step, Jahnvi says i wanna win her heart but not by cheating. Do wahtever you want. Bhagti says I just became part of it to help you. jhvni says yeah i knwo.
They both start making the list.

Scene 4
Pari says i wanna help jhanvi too but we have to stick to the rules. Shalu came and says why you wanted my help ? What list did you ask me to make ? Uma comes with sattu and he is helping her out too. Pari claps and says no cheating uma bhabhi. uma says you called him to sing a duet no ? Mausi ji says sujata help jahnvi out.

Scene 5
The party office inauguration has started. SHe is talking to the media like a typical politician. Simar alone with the three come in. Sujata and birju wonder whats going on. She says we wanna talk to her. Prem says we have to find some other way. juwala comes out. Roli says you think that our pain is yours. I have some questions for you. juwala says yeah carry on. Roli says tell us why you snatched people’s house. Why you took their homes from them. Simar says we have figured out your truth.simar says yes this is the reality of juwala. She deprive people out of their home. Juwala says i guess you’re so shocked to see my party office at patel’s house. I never snatched people’s house. .I took patel’s wife’s signature. She sell her house in double rates. You both must have some witness and proofs. No ? Juwala says so other parties want to let my name down by using bharadwaj family. Roli says we’ll show the proofs. People will know your reality for sure. Juwala laughs and says i’ve been ruling since you both didn’t know the meaning of proofs. She leaves with her men.Roli says to khushi that we need proofs against juwala ji. Khushi says where can i bring them from. Simar says we’ve challenged her openly. Roli says she must have figured out where we knew all this from. You’ve only one option to help us.

Precap-juwala calls roli and says she’s gonna kill khushi in 48 hours. Without any shred of evidence.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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