Sasural Simar Ka 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 28th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar comes home. mata ji hugs her they are both in tears. Mausi ji sys she will stay with us forever now. We have to do the pooja first. Siamr enters the house. Prem recalls how he threw her out of that house. siamr recalls when she married prem and entered that house. Surbhi is standing outside the house. no one is concerned about her. Everyone gathers in the temple. Sid swipes roli’s tears and hugs her. They are both content are satisfied. Sujata says the day hs finally come. simar is here. Sujata says prem and siamr will do this pooja. GOd will m ake their relation stronger. Hope God always bless my kids. She gives the pooja plate to simar and says start the pooja. Simar takes the plate. simar says take is surbhi only you have the right to do the Lakshmi pooja. Everyone is shocked. Roli says what are you saying? You will do this pooja. Come and do this pooja with jeju, pari says stop it roli. why are you forcing her. Simar is right. The family should know whats right and whats wrong. mata ji says why are you doing this simar? I know you are angry we are all your culprits. I apologize on behalf of everyone. simar says I can bear any pain but I can’t stand these tears in your eyes. maata ji says why are you doing this then? Sujata says will you please tells us whats going on? Simar starts telling them what happened at Hong Kong.

Siamr said i forgave you but its too late now.You separated me from you and made a mistake and now you are doing the same with surbhi, its not her mistake at all. she always was with you. She was with you unconditionally. Prem says to simar please give me one more chance I will rectify everything. siamr says some decisions are written by the fate for us. Our separation was decision of our fates that is why we are at this point. God wants you to move with surbhi. She is pregnant of your child. Prem is dazed upon hearing this. He looks back at surbhi. simar says I agreed to everything you said. Now please consent to what I say. She held surbhi’s hand and gave it in prem’s hand. She said I hope God always keep you happy.

Everyone in bharadwaj house Is dazed upon hearing this. Pari says in heart I don’t have to do anything now. pari says is that true surbhi? Speak up surbhi. Archan says you have to tell us surbhi, Silence isn’t getting you anywhere. Surbhi nods and says yes.

Precap-roli says mata ji will you let didi leave this house? she won’t say no to you. Please stop her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Agar simar ko ghar lana hai to laao kitni baar bechsri to tarsaoge

  2. Show ko linger on kar rahe hain

  3. Simar roli n sid… Guyz u won. Now prem is asking 4 a chance….

  4. i dont think surbhi is really pregant.agar asa a wo then perm should give anjali to simar.and perm i didnt except this from soon ur forget ur simar inur life and moved on.u should shame on ur self.simar is right it not surbhi only u perm only u.

    1. harshitha reddy

      nohh….surbhi lied to every1…shezz nt pregnant……
      jst checkout dis link…..

  5. whole bhardhwaj family are selfish one they even welcome surbi and they even
    not thought about her emotions and feelings surbi family also some prestige
    why mataji accepted prem and surbi stayed together in one room before
    marriage let live simar alone so that she can forward her live as she wish

  6. why all this happen ? only u prem for all this now u r askina one chance

  7. plz don’t separate prem nsimar plz plz plz.i like this story a lot .simar plz don’t give up surui is telin es.

  8. simar plz surabi is lieing yar dont go yar plz

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