Sasural Simar Ka 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 28th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Juwala says please forget what happened. It was a mistake. Join hands with me our partnership will rock even abroad. Simar says we don’t repeat mistakes.
Birju announces the the performance is starting. The dancers dance on the song, baby doll. Juwala is trying to please Simar.
Baba wakes to the noise and comes out of his room. He steps forward.
Roli gets a call from Mata ji. She goes out to pick it up. Sid says look at juwala she is so desperate. Its time to ask her for money. Simar says what could be better than that.
Roli says to mata ji that everything is fine here. We will probably get the money. We will keep on informing you.
baba comes in front of her covering up his ear. She says sorry. He goes from there looking scared.
Scene 2
Juwala takes Simar upstairs. Roli says without our acknowlegemet youb published oyur association is press. You are cheating on us again. Juwala says its not like that. SImar says we won’t trust you again. Juwala says if you feel like that then I can return you the money you gave me on last deal. Now don’t be angry and forget that happened. She asked birju to go and get the money. Birju comes in and says juwala devi baba is not in his room. Juwala goes running out. Simar says what about our money ? Birju says we will arrange this meeting later. First we ahve to find baba. Nothing is more important that that.
Roli says what will we do now ? We have only have one day. how will we get the property and money in the same day.
Roli says we should stay here and help her in finding her son.
Scene 3
They go downstairs and say to juwala please calm down. Juwala says how can i. Simar says tell us about his appearance. When she tells roli recalls her that she saw him. She tells juwala.. Juwla says that means he must have gone from the bcak door. She asks her ment o look from there.
Scene 4
Shnati shows anurag the morrti she bright for jhanvi. Anurag says she will win this competition for sure. Shanti says i am so impressed by her hard work.
Juwala gets a call and asks birju to get the jeep. SHe leaves hurridly. Sid says we have no other option then leaving. Simar says prem call mata ji. Prem says lets go from here i will call her from hotel.
Bhagti over hears Shanti and anurag’s conversation. She is so angry. sHe says everyone is talking about jhanvi here. It was all mone she took all this from me. Jahnvi comes in and asks what happened bhagti you look worried ? Bhagti says Jhanvi i was cleaning the room so the stuff slipped.
She leaves. Jhanvi wonders why is bhagti lying to her.

Scene 5
Uma says all the neighbours will be here in a few moments asking for their oney what will we do then ? Sankalp says i called al of them but they are not receving. All the neighbours come in the house. One says 48 hours are over. We can’t wait any more. Sankalp says just wait for one more hour roli and simar bhabhi must be coming. They say okay we can wait. mata ji and everyone is so worried.
Sid is waiting for juwala’s call. Roli says what will do now ? simar says if we call her over and over again then she will think we need it. Sid says yes we have no other option than waiting. We can’t say anything at the house before juwala’s call.
Prem says we should call to ask about her son.
Prem calls birju but he is not receiving. He texts him.

The nighbours are getting ferocious. Mausi ji says they must have stuck in traffic. Sankalp says she is right. One of them says we can’t wait for you any more. Kinjal says we have no more money for our daily spendings. They are leaving. Simar and roli come in.

Everyone is so tensed. Kinjal syas the truth is that she is juwala its nit that easy to make her fool. Lets go we have seen these b haradwajs they always lie. Prem comes in and says stop we have brought your money. He handsover the briefcase to kinjal and says this has the money of all of you.
Kinjal says apologize us for our behaviour. Simar says we can understand.

Karuna says but juwala still has the papers and its tghe last day we have to leav our house tomorrow.
Roli says i have an idea. Juwala will give us our papers by herself.

Precap-Siamr asks sid to give juwala the papers. Juwala says okay let me sign it. I wanna visit the site before signing. Roli says yeah sure but sign it first.

Update Credit to:Atiba

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