Sasural Simar Ka 28th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 28th June 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 28th June 2013 Written Update

Veeru suggests Khushi to provoke Jhumki one more time and record everything this time. Khushi says, you’re right. She turns back and sees a snake on her bed and is shocked.

Mataji and others are going out. Simar and Jhumki decide to stay in the house as lawyer is going to come. Khushi comes down running and tells everyone there is a snake in her room. Bantu comes and says, she’s right and shows her fake snake again. Khushi gets scared again. Bantu laughs. Khushi gets angry at him. Mataji tells Bantu to apologize her. He does. Everyone leaves except Simar, Jhumki.

Bantu is trying to finish his card for Jhumki. Khushi comes and scares him. He throws paint at her, and tries to run away, but Khushi catches him. She turns on the recording and asks him, whether Jhumki is his sister or no. Bantu doesn’t say anything. Khushi threatens him more, but he manages to run. He screams for help. Khushi catches him again and is about to slap him, but Simar comes on the last moment. Bantu hugs her. Jhumki also comes and says to Khushi, today I will show you Laxmanpur’s Jhumki. Khushi asks, meaning? Jhumki starts beating her with a broom. Simar tries to stop, but Bantu doesn’t let Simar go. Mataji is coming back to the house as she forgot pooja’s laddu. Simar finally stops Jhumki and Jhumki throws the broom away. She warns Khushi not to do anything to Bantu again, else it won’t be good.

Mataji returns and sees Khushi on the floor. She asks what happened? Jhumki says, she was day dreaming. Her dream and herself both broke. Simar says, she means, she slipped and fell down. Khushi wants to say the truth, but seeing Jhumki she doesn’t say anything. Mataji helps her in getting up. Khushi leaves. Simar is relieved as she stopped Jhumki on right time.

In night, Uma suggests to keep party in night as Khushi and Veeru don’t have any proof and they are certain to leave the house. Everyone is too excited, and therefore, Mataji gives the permission. Khushi comes there and is still having pain from Jhumki’s beating. Jhumki quietly laughs, Simar asks to stop her. Bharadwajs realize that they forgot to cook dinner today. Jhumki tells them, I will make dinner today. Don’t know if I will ever get that chance again. Simar worries as Jhumki might mess something. Jhumki says, I and Khushi will make dinner tonight. She’s very sorry for what she did to this house and wants to do something before leaving. Khushi wants to refuse but Jhumki glares at her, Khushi remembers beating again and says Roli is right. She goes to the kitchen. Jhumki tells everyone, she bothered us so much so I also want to bother her little before she leaves this house. Mausiji says, teach her a good lesson.

Khushi is annoyed and says, once I get a chance, see what I do to her. If she doesn’t end up in the jail, then I will change my name. Jhumki hears it and says, this Khushi name doesn’t suit on you. How about Lalita? Khushi gets more annoyed. Jhumki asks her to start cutting vegetables now. Bantu joins Jhumki. Jhumki gives her onion to start with and says, you will look good crying. Bantu and Jhumki sit on a side and have fun seeing Khushi working. Bantu orders Khushi to clean the floor now. Khushi says, I won’t. She then again sees Jhumki threatening her and says, I will clean everything. She cleans everything and Jhumki and Bantu high-five.

Khushi is finally done cooking. When she sees Jhumki and Bantu busy, she adds too much chilli in the daal.

Outside everyone is excited to eat dinner made by Roli. They are about to start, but Jhumki stops them. She says, Khushi made this daal and when she made it so much love, she deserves to eat first. Khushi is worried.

Precap: None

Update Credit to: Shreya

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