Sasural Simar Ka 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar is crying. She says i have hurt anjali and prem. but trust me i have suffered from a lot more pain. mata ji comes to her. sid says to prem i know its all wrong but simar loves anjali. prem says yea i saw that today. she slapped anjali for sanju. simar hugs mata ji in tears. mata ji says stop crying simar. simar says i could never hit my daughter but i was forced to do so. She would have killed roli if i didn’t do it. Shurti she is our roli. mata ji is dazed. simar says mata ji she told me herself. she has impersonated as roli. she has hypnotized roli that makes her think that she is shurti. She doesn’t remember anything. mata ji says don’t be sad our roli is fine at least. she is in front of us. mata ji says but who is this woman? what power does she have? she did this to roli, sattu and living here as roli and we couldn’t even know that she is someone else. Simar recalls what she saw in the room. She is scared, mata ji says tell me who is she? simar recalls the woman saying if you break your promise you will be punished again. simar says i know very well who is she but what is she here for i don’t know. when did exchanged roli and gave her a new life i don’t get all this. we need answers of these questions. Simar says the truth is so terrible that you will shackle to know. If she gets to know that you know her reality it will risk your life like leela and daksha. i can’t take that risk. Please don;t ask me any questions. Mata ji says okay i trust you don’t worry. i am with you. i will be with you.
Mata ji says we have to get roli out of all this. mata ji says my life is in this family. I can’t let anyone break my house. i can give my life for my kids. just stay strong. the day my roli and simar meet will be the last day of that woman here. Go and try to console prem.

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Fake roli says to parents of shurti. how that girl came to bharadwaj house when you two are her? what do i pay you for? they says please apologize us. she says you both should know that i can even kill you for this. they sit in her feet and says please dom’t do this. shurti is standing on the door. fake roli says you are her eon right time. please get up aunty uncle. don’t worry your daughter is safe. the man syas there is nothing more important than her life for us. Fake roli says don’t worry nothing will happen to her. Fake roli says i came here to tell them that my didi considers you roli, i don;t know what happens to her when she sees your face. Shurti says she said to me this is your plan to live life of roli. fake roli says no one has to plan to live in their own house. whole family has accepted my me except for didi. Shurti says your husband wants to complain about me. fake roli says i will handle it don’t worry. SHe leaves.

Scene 2
Sujata says what has happened to the happiness of our house. Doorbell rings, vash comes in. They are all shocked to see her. vash says i am sorry to come without invitation. simar says mata ji she is vash. she tells her everything. uma says she prayed for sattu as well. sujata syas you have favored us i am thankful to you. vash says i did for my own happiness. She says when you two came to my house looking for roli she was there hidden. Sid says she isnt not roli she is jhumki. and why didn’t you tell us? vash says because i wanted to know roli’s reality. sid says she is not roli, she is jhumki and she tells her name roli. Fake roli comes in. she says in heart what is she doing here? is she telling them something about me? Sid says she is roli. that girl is jhumki. vash says i know you and your family is stuck in trap of a green eyed woman but trust me that woman is not jhumki or shirti varma. fake roli says stop it, someone comes from outside and will acusse my identity. this was the last thing, till when do i have to prove that i am roli? sid says please stop crying. sid says you are mistaken. fake roli says don;t say that. i wont let anyone blame me anymore and there is only one way. i will leave this house. mata ji slaps her on the face.

Precap-mata ji says rajhinder call ACP. mata ji says i nirmala. Fake roli calls shurti’s dad and says take shurti and leave, cops are coming to your house, if you get arrested i will kill you three.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Update should be little more faster please…..

  2. 8.07pm..!!

  3. What ya dragging the story like anything y???

  4. What the hell…there was a ray of hope in yesterday’s precap when roli heard sara threatening her fake parents.. everything ruined as always..
    Its high time to reveal her blood sucking reality. Vaishnavi ji…do some magic and end this nonsense.

  5. Ohhh please end this drama if you keep on drag like this then for sure it will become boring. It’s all related to the 17th december 2014 storyline seems to be like that with more possibilities. May be that snake which sucks Sid blood will be this fake roli(snake) husband . That snake may died after giving life to Sid so this fake roli (snake) came to take revenge on this family especially on roli. May be simar sees this fake roli (snake) real identity with her husband dead body (snake)……

    1. wow ur point of view was superb may be the story is this u r great yasmin

      1. This serial z vry intresting..

  6. When u think of it that way yeah

    1. Good one mataji for slapping fake roli….

  7. Good one mataji for slapping roli

  8. please make it fast

  9. its nagin movie story sridevi and reshi kapoor

  10. Daaaang Yasmin that point makes this drama more interesting lool.

  11. yasmin is right
    dat is the story

  12. sara is a naagin……..check out this…….what nonsense…..totally unrealistic……sometimes aatma comes n now this icchardhari naagin…..tomorrow an alien will n next some other mythological character will ….but hatsoff to the serial-makers for making such a stupid thing a great suspense….
    check the videos there….

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