Sasural Simar Ka 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 28th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Meghna says please Simar forgive me, i made a mistake. Simar says no and attacks. She places it on the ground. Simar’s maa says she will get the result of what she did but not by staining my daughter’s hands. Simar says don’t ever dare doing any harm to someone’s children in front of her. Police arrests meghna. Simar takes Anjali. Sid asks Roli are you okay ? She says yes. Sonia says yes lets go to my house. Prem says yes Shankar is coming today from US. Roli says may it will be better for all of us.

Scene 2
Shankar arrives at the house. karuna hugs her and says i was craving to see you. He says I feel so bad that my whole family was suffering and I was oblivious to all this. Mata ji says we planned on not telling you anything. We wanted you to study. Shaknar meets Prem and everyone. He says thanks to Sonia for helping his family out. Sonia says that was my obligation and pleasure. mata ji and sujata ask what happened at the cliff? Roli tells them the whole story. That in the end Meghna got arrested by the cops. Mausi ji says the spider had to die on day. She will live her whole life in jail now. Mata ji says Roli and Simar w are so proud of you. You both are the symbol for this whole society. You proved Simar that the same weak woman she be so strong for her kids. Simar says Meghna shouldn’t have made Anjali part of all this. Sujata says Meghna should have been punished for including such an innocent kid in all this. Mausi i says we all are together in the end. jhanvi sees that Simar’s maa’s hand is bleeding. Sonia asks butler to get the first aid box. She says Simar, Roli you should have told me about all the. Me and your dad would have come for your help. Simar says please promise us that you won’t tell papa all that happened here.
Jhanvi dresses the bruises. She says thanks to jhanvi. Sonia says please sit down you all. Rajhinder says you have done a lot for us but we won’t fell good if we stay here. Rajhinder says until the gas diffuses we should check in into some hotel. Sonia says you all are like my family and I have the right to do this for you all. Maa says I have to leave Gautam is alone at home. Sonia says aunty ji my driver will take you to you city. She hugs Simar and asks her to take care. She meets everyone one by one. jhanvi falls on the sofa. Everyone asks whats wrong jhanvi ? She says nothing maa just because of weakness. Mata ji asks uma to take jhanvi to her room. Sonia says you all need rest. She asks butler to show them their rooms.

Scene 3
Sonia enters her room and sees a lady there. She calls rajesh and asks who is she / She says that the maid has gone she is the new servant. Sonia says have you checked her background ? He says yes. She has covered her face. Sonia asks what is your name ? She says Rani. Sonia says please take this cloth off your face. She says i can’t take it off. She says i can leave. Rajesh says please ma’am leave her here. We won’t get another servant. she sits in sonia feet and says thank you madam. Sonai says go and get the dinner ready.

Scene 4
Sid is massaging Roli’s legs. She asks what are you doing ? Roli says why you don’t say that you are in love. he says yes I am and being grateful for the person who saved us from meghna. You have suffered a lot.
There prem hugs Simar. She says we have done this all for you. We couldn’t live without you. He kisses her forehead. Sid says i never thought i had to stay away from you while you were in front of me. You were my motivation, i knew that my Roli won’t lose nor will let us lose.
Simar says your love and the family gave me power to keep moving. We did all that Meghna said just because of your love. he says i am so proud of you Simar. Sid says that same to Roli. She says until we are bound with this love no one can separate us. They both smile.

Precap-Rani is with some man she says it took long to be here. She handover him a picture of sonia. She says my work should start now. He says yes it is about to start.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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