Sasural Simar Ka 28th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 28th August 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 28th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with mataji and the whole bharadwaj family sitting in the hall with lawyer. Mataji tells the whole family about the separation of the house between the bharadwaj family and prem. She tells everyone that the property will be separated in equally. One half will be given to prem and the other half to the bharadwaj family. The lawyer listens to mataji’s decision and then goes away. After listening to the decision of mataji, everybody object to the decision. Uma, pari, karuna and shailendra object and tell mataji that if the property is being divided, then it should be divided equally among all the brothers. Then sujata says that they had never objected on mataji’s decision and even now they should not. Then shailendra says that it is wrong, then rajendra tells

him that they should keep quiet and accepts mataji’s decision as she has always taken decision’s only after thinking. Then suddenly sid enters the hall calling for roli. Then he comes and asks everyone that whether they saw roli or no. Then uma says that since morning, roli is not there. Then mataji thinks that if they get to know where roli is gone?, than it would be chaos and sid would get sad, so she thinks that she should lie to them. So she tells sid that she only sent roli in the morning to the market and she had forgotten to tell him. Then sid tells ok and goes. Then mataji prays to herself in her mind that let roli be safe.

Now roli is searching for daduji’s faithful servant, birju. She goes at the old unnati mill behind it where there is a galli, and asks all the people there whether they know birju by showing them his photo. Then she finally reaches the last house there. She then shows the photo of birju to the person living in that house and asks whether they know him. The man there immediately says that he is birju and tells that when he disappeared leaving his family there, then the family sold the house to him. Then roli asks him the date, then he tells that it was 21st july when his son was born and he had got the house and birju disappeared. Then roli says to herself that 21st july was mataji’s birthday date and that birju disappeared since that day. Then she thanks to that man and then says to herself that what will be the mystery behind birju being disappeared and shakti being alive but not meeting his family? Then she thinks that she should call simar and she calls simar. In simar’s room janavi is there and she picks up the call. She spills out the whole thing to her without knowing that the person she is talking with is janvi, but she does not say that shakti is alive. After listening to this janvi cuts the phone, and gets shocked that why roli is finding birju and then thinks that roli must be behind a plan to save mataji with the help of birju. Then she thinks of telling it to dadi and befor going she deletes the call log of roli. Roli there thinks that why simar kept the phone, she calls again and again but no one picks up the phone. Then back in the room, simar comes out of the bathromm and sees roli’s missed calls. She thinks that why did roli do so much calls even after knowing that she can’t talk to her, then she thinks that roli must be in some danger and so she thinks of calling her back. There roli is crossing the road with lots of thoughts in her mind, when she is crossing the road , a person comes with an innova to hit roli purposely, but simar calls roli and then roli receives the call after taking one step behind and she gets saved from the innova but it hits her a little and she gets hurt on her hand and head. As the phone is on , when roli is hit by the car, she shouts and simar hears it on the phone, then she says roli a lot of time on the phone. Then roli takes the phone and sits on the footpath wall and talks to simar, she tells her that she is all fine as she just got saved and got some small bruises on her hand and head. Then simar while talking to her goes down and talks. Then roli tells simar that she wants to tells her something about shakti, simar then just goes to ask her but sees dadiji’s shadow and stops there and tells roli that she will call her afterwards. Then dadi comes ther and takes roli’s phone and shouts at her that why she aws talking with roli on the phone. Then prem comes there and asks that what happened. Then dadi tells him that simar was talking with roli on the phone. Then simar tells prem that roli had asn accident and she got hurt a little. Then dadi tries to tell prem that she Is lying but prem then immediately asks simar that is roli fine even before dadi can say anything to prem. Dadi gets angry at simar and simar looks at her.

Siddharth is continuously calling roli as it is night. Roli is not picking up the phone. Then sid aks mataji that what such work has she given to roli that she has not yet come home. Then mataji says in her mind that now even she is getting worried as to why has roli not come yet. Then mataji prays to matarani. Then sujata goes to sid and maybe roli might be busy in some important work that’s why she might not be picking up his call. Then sujata aks mataji that what such work has she given to roli that she isn’t picking up the call. Then mataji is about to say something but then she sees roli and then everyone go to her and ask her about her condition. Everyone rushes to roli and see her hand bleeding and hurt on her forehead. Then sid questions her but then mataji tells sid to take her to her room instead of questioning her at this time when she needs to rest. He takes her and is doing her dressing. Then roli says to sid that she needs to talk to him something imp but he says that it’s about shakti so he doesn’t want to talk about it. Then he leaves from there to get something for roli. She then says to herself that she needs him at the moment to go know the truth about Shakti. The screen freezes on roli’s face.

Precap : – mataji is in roli’s room and asks her about it then roli tells her everything and says that she needs to tell this to simar.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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