Sasural Simar Ka 27th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 27th September 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 27th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Uma is again provoking Pari to get her place above Simar and Roli. How will you do what i am asking you to? I will leave this house if you don’t do what i ask you to. Pari says no mom don’t leave please. Uma says at least think about future of your son.

Scene 2
Mataji and rest of the people are welcoming all the guests. Shalu is sleepy his friends make fun of him. Everybody welcomes the child. They all gather around him. Roli says our prince is here. Janvi says he is so cute give him to me but the baby starts crying. Janvi asks whats wrong, please don’t cry. Simar says maybe he is scared to see so many people i will handle him. She get the baby and he stops crying. Mausi ji says he is like Shalu he used to cry all the time too. A lady says it won’t be wrong to call simar second mother of the baby. Mataji says jiji and moves to the guests that are coming in. Mataji says i am so happy to see you all here. its been so long when we met last. I am really happy to see you. Jiji congratulates Simar and says you have given such a gift to this family. She give Simar a present. Uma comes downstairs and says that you are good in checking gold but not human. i also brought a chain for my grandson and i gave it to him. Now when you have brought it for baby’s mom then give it to Pari not Simar. Jiji apologizes and gives the chain to Pari. Pari asks Simar to give the baby to her. Simar does. Mataji invites jiji in for pooja.

Scene 3
Pooja starts. janvi receives a call and finds out that its Shaureya’s number. She fears if she doesn’t answer the call he would come home. She goes in, Roli comes to her, janvi tells her about the call. She says that she doesn’t wanna spoil the function please don’t tell anyone.
The baby starts crying in mid of pooja, Pari says maybe this fire is unbearable for him. Mataji asks Simar to handle, she gets the baby from Pari. She reluctantly gives to her. Pandit ji says that kundli is saying that in face of this child Dadu ji has once agian entered this home. Pandit ji asks who is aunt of the baby? Roli says she is, pointing towards Janvi. Pandit ji asks her if she has thought of any name? She says no. Mataji says Simar has thought a good name, pandit ji asks her. Pari jumps in and says Simar won’t name my child. This is my first child its the right of mother to give identity to him. Sujata says why are you saying this. Mataji says a few days ago i asked you if you have thought a name ? You said no and gave that right to Simar. What has happened now? Uma says maybe she has not though of any name by then. Her choices changes very fast. pari says i am sorry it was different by then. I will name my child now. Mataji says don’t you care about the feelings of others? You asked Simar to think a name now when she has, you have changed your mind. Uma says that its about time, before marriage she didn’t do anything and look now here she manages all the work alone. Mausi ji says yes all she should have learnt in your house she has learned here. Simar says Pari is right its a mother’s right to name her child. Pari will name him start the pooja. Pandit ji asks what name she has decided? Pari can’t say anything because she has not decided any. She is so confused. Uma jumps to save her, Arav yes arav. Pandit ji says thats such a good name his name is arav from now.

Scene 4
Shaureya is bouncing his basketball. He remembers all the things Janvi said to him. He thinks till when are you gonna ignore me? He remembers her slapping him. He throws the ball in the basket. You are the first who have talked loudly and slept Shuareya. I am impressed. You are rare and Shaureya doesn’t let any rare thing go away from him.

Precap- Dean calls janvi once again and asks her to join. He says the hospital needs you. I am sending the car. When janvi goes to the hospital she can’t find anybody there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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