Sasural Simar Ka 27th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 27th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar and Jhanvi are preparing. Simar wonders how would anjali manage first day. Should I call her? She asks jhanvi to wake up Piyush. She says I should call. Simar recalls Prem asked her not to call. Simar says she won’t want to talk to me.
Saroj does arti. Anjali comes downstairs and says good morning everyone. Saroj gives arti to everyone. Anjali comes saroj says you can’t take arti without bathing and what time is it to wake up? Agarwal says its her first day. Saroj says its first day there is so much to do. Anjali says unless I don’t drink I can’t wake up. She says to servant give me coffee in my room from tomorrow. Whats in breakfast? Saroj says you will tell you will make breakfast and meal. Anajli says I? Saroj says the bride has to do this. Tao says let her rest for a few days then we can do these rituals later. Saroj says then any rituals are useless? You have to do the rituals. Simar ji told me that you never cooked in your house. Anjali says tai ji tell me what to do. Saroj says get ready and meet me in the kitchen.

In kitchen, Saroj explains anjali where everything is. Anjali says what the hell? Mal pura? I never heard of it before how will I make it. She calls KB. KB picks up. Anjali says I am in trouble please help me. Tai ji asked me to cook. Mal pura, kheer and what not. You know I can’t make all these. Please help me. KB says you know I haven’t been in kitchen for ages. I don’t remember anything myself. You know I really wanna help you but I am sure you will manage. All the best. KB says I hope you get insulted after hanging up.
Anjali says damn what should I do? She calls landline. No one picks up. She says I should call dad he will find a solution. Prem doesn’t pick up either. Anjali says what should I do? There is just one solution.

Mataji says to Piyush I am glad you are going to bring anjali. KB says Piyush won’t go to pick her up. Mataji says why? He is her brother. Its ritual. Kb says anjali couldn’t go home because of him and his mother. Send someone else. Prem says Piyush will to go pick her up. Just make sure you have to apologize and bring anjali here quitely here. Piyush says thank you. Mataji gives him shagun. Simar says to Piyush notice how everyone is with anjali. Piyush says yes.
Anjali is trying to cook. Vikram looks at her. He comes in the kitchen and says do you need some help? He has knife in hand. Anjali takes it and says i will stab you. I have been waiting for since long. He says let me tell you how to make kheer. Anjali says it is made.
Agarwal says we will make whatever she has made. Doorbell rings. Its Piyush outside.
Piyush looks in the kitchen anjali is cooking. Vikram ties her hair that are disturbing her. Anjali says get back to work. They both smile.
Anjali picks up the pan. The kheer is about to spill from it but Vikram places his hand in between. Anjali says your hand is burned. He says I had you save yours. Piyush is overhearing all this. Vikram says hurry up now. We are too late already. He turns back and sees Piyush. Piyush says hello di. Anjali says what are you doing here? He says I came to take you for pagpheray. She says oh i am cooking. We will go once we are done. Vikram meets him nicely.

Agarwal asks Piyush to eat. Saroj says you must never have eaten Anjali’s hand’s food. You can taste it first time too. Agarwal tastes the food. He says it is so good anajli. I can’t understand which one should I eat first. Tao ji says I will eat all. Vikram says if you make this good food we will all get fat. Tao says we didn’t know you make such good food. Who taught you? Agarwal says we heard you never cooked before.
Anjali recalls.. she called simar. SImar asked is everything okay? anjali said I had to call because I have to cook. I have no idea how to cook them. SImar says I will tell you everything note it down on a paper. Anjali says my mom’s recipe. Tao ji says its really good. He gives her money as gift. Saroj gives her money as well.
VIkram says I had confidence on her talent in her talent. Saroj says weird I thought the only talent her mom would have taugher her would be how to create drama.

Precap-Simar asks Anjali how was the food? Anjali says if it was bad vikram would have love it. Because he is a good human. and btw have you packed your stuff? In a few hours you will have to leave this house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Sabrina

    Anjali is so ungrateful… I pity her

  2. this program is esculating too much…..

  3. Rajendra Adamane

    I like sasural simar ka.

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