Sasural Simar Ka 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 27th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Roli goes to shaureaya he says it was my friend’s cal. Jhanvi smiles and says that why are you so worried you did better for all of us. Shureya says i was scared to see such a serious face. He hugs jhanvi and says we are together because of soniya. Jhanvi leaves and shaureya smiles looking at medicine in his hands.

Scene 2
Uma says to karuna i am the eldest bahu in this house. She asks whats wrong ? Uma says everyone is impressed with my sweets and this pari she said that shop can only contain sweets by chef. I will ask sattu ji that i want my own shop and i’ll compete with pari then.

Scene 3
Jahnvi says to shuareya that soniya ji is such a nice girl Shureya says yes there is so much class in that girl. She is the most wanted single like me in the city which i am not now. Me and soniya could make a perfect couple. Jhanvi smiles and hits him. He hugs her.

Scene 4
sid is asking roli to sleep she says she asks sid to pat her head. Roli thinks is jhanvi okay. Roli says let me go to drink water. Roli thinks that she can’t sleep without confirming whether jahnvi is okay or not. Roli knocks the door of jhanvi’s room but she isn’t opening the door. shaureya opens the door and says that jhanvi is sleeping. Roli says i will talk to her tomorrow. Shuareya says maybe that would be so late. Roli wakes jhanvi but she is not waking. Roli is in tears asking jhanvi to open her eyes. She goes in the living room crying and screaming the name of everyone. everyone asks whats wrong. Roli tells everyone that shaureya has done something to jhanvi. She isn’y opening her eyes. Mata ji sasy you must have some misunderstanding. Roli says no i am sure about it.
Everyone goes to the room of jhanvi trying to wake her up but she isn’t opening her eyes. Everyone is worried and in tears. They all asks jhanvi to open her eyes but she isn’t.
Jahnvi opens her eyes and says that i was so tired so shaureya gave me pill so i can sleep. That’s why i couldn’t wake up. Shaureya says how can you think that i can do something to my jhanvi. Mata ji says roli you should have confirmed before saying anything. Roli says to sid that you are seeing a thing which is wrong. Mata ji says shaureya we all have trust in you. I apologize for any inconvenience to you. Shuareya says no there must be something wrong with me so i couldn’t win the trust of roli bhabhi.
Karuna and everyone is angry at roli for saying anything without confirmation. Sid says lets go to sleep roli. Roli is in tears. Everyone has already left the living room. Sid says even i wasn’t happy with their wedding but shaureya is changing now. Simar says sid can i talk to roli for moment. Sid says ofcourse she’s your sister you can.
Roli says to simar that no one is believing me why would i put wrong accusation on shuareya. Simar says i know i have all my trust on you but roli you need to understand that he’s the son in law of this house. We have to find a solid proof against him.

Precap- Jahnvi’s hand is bleeding. Roli comes and sess it and says oh God what shaureya has done to you. Jhanvi says but bhabhi listen to me shaureya hasn’t done anything. Roli takes her in the living room and tells everyone that look shuareya wanted to take jhanvi’ life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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