Sasural Simar Ka 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 27th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Mausi ji says like this dark night all the problems of our family vanish. Karuna says we won’t be able to forget that day. Sujata says i can understand what will be the condition of roli and Jhanvi. Mausi ji says I am not worried about Roli she has sid with her he knows how to handle her. But Jhanvi she s all alone she has lost her life partner. Mata ji says jhanvi hasn’t eaten anything. Simar says she was sleeping i will make her eat the food later. mata ji says she won’t eat anything make sure you give her a glass of milk.

Scene 2
Simar knocks the door of Jhanvi’s room. She says i have brought you milk. Prem comes there and Simar tells her that Jhanvi is not opening the door. Everyone comes and asks her to open the door. Mata ji says we are

all worried. Prem and Shalu try to break the door lock. When they go in they find jhanvi on bed. Everyone tries to wake her up. Simar sees sleeping pills in her palm. Everyone is dazed. Sujata cries and tries to get her up. Everyone is in tears. The doctor comes and checks her. She says I have given her the injection she will be fine in a few hours. Mausi ji says Sujata she is well now. Its time to thank God not to cry. Jhanvi opens her eyes. Simar kisses her forehead. Mausi ji says why you did this jhanvi. Sujat says we need ti leave her alone. Mata ji says she is right. We should all leave her alone and not ask her questions. Sujata says i will stay with her, Simar says me too. Sujata says to jhanvi that a mom is strong she can bear anything for her children but can’t see her kids in pain. jhanvi says apologize me I won’t cause you anymore pain. Sujata says please don’t what was meant to be has happened and I know my daughter is so strong she won’t make any mistake again. Thank God you are fine. Let me bring you some food. Sujata goes down to bring her something to eat. Simar tries to make jhanvi strong she says consider this all fate I know its a tough time for you but you can try jhanvi and we are all with you. She holds Simar’s hand.

Scene 3
Mausi ji says we should make jhanvi busy in something so she can forget everything. Karuna says we all should make sure that nothing reminds her of him. jhanvi comes downstairs and says this all is not needed. She says mata ji we keep asking God for gifts but never understand that the best gift is life. i was going to finish that bliss please forgive. She asks Sujata’s apology. Sujata says i made the mistake of not agreeing with simar and roli. I made such a blunder please forgive me simar and roli. Simar says please don’t say this maa. Mata ji says we are all their culprits. Sid says meghna has lost her brother she will take revenge. We should keep our selves ready for that. Mausi ji says we shouldn’t be scared. Jhanvi shot for her safety meghna was there too. Roli says even if there is no mistake she will won’t leave us. It must have got her mad. She loved her brother so much. Sujat says I asked you jhanvi to get him back in your life its all my mistake. Jhanvi says no its my mistake and I will rectify it. Before police come here i will surrender. Prem says no I will talk to lawyer and get this case solved. jhanvi says no i won’t get you all in trouble anymore. When jhainvi opens the gate she finds cops theer. inspector says that we are here to arrest jhanvi in charge of killing shaureya. Who is she ? Prem says she shot to save her life. She says let court decide that we just have the arrest warrant. Mausi ji says he was here for a reason. He says no matter what the story is she has to go to station with us. The police takes her. Simar says wait talk to meghna singhaniya once she was there too. He says she has reported the case. Mata ji says brother of love has got her mad. Prem says the bail will be tomorrow. Mausi ji begs please don’t do this. A car arrives there and Its Meghan. Everyone is dazed.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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