Sasural Simar Ka 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
prem says to surbhi on a call that I have informed sid they are coming here. Vikran’s operation in ongoing. I don’t know whats going on. Sid, roli and simar come to the hospital. Simar moves to prem and says I after to long the moment is here. today simar Is in front of you not sunnaina. Simar is in tears. Sunnaina comes there too. Prem asks sid where were you ? You people were not responding. where are baa and karthik ? he says speak up. sid says its all complicated I will tell you later.

There at bharadwaj house, surbhi is so worried. she says why isn’t prem calling ? I hope everything is fine. Mata ji comes there and asks what are you doing here at this point of time. surbhi says I just came to drink water. maata ji says what are you trying to hide surbhi ?

Simar says prem.. Suddenly doctor comes out. prem asks how is vikran ? Doctor says a lot of blood has been wasted. You have to arrange the blood. Prema and sid go with the nurse to check their blood group. Simar asks doctor how long will it take ? he says 2 hours. Siamr says tor roli how will these two hours fill in ? roli says I know what you are going through. simar says to sunnaian don’t worry vikran will be fine.

Sid gets a call from mata ji. mata ji asks how is vikran now ? sid says how you know ? mata ji says don’t conceal anything from me. tell me is he okay ? Sid says mata ji he is in OT we can’t say anything for now. I will tell you when I come home. mata ji says keep informing me. He says yeah maata ji. roli and simar come to sid. Sid says the reason for which we concealed truth from family is over. We should tell everyone the truth. simar says I was with my family still I wasn’t their simar. And now when its time to tell vikran is not well. Roli says you have to face their anger. They will me ma at you but they will understand our problem. Simar says I have felt that there is something wrong between you two. I know its because of me. Sid she was just trying to save me. it wasn’t her mistake. roli holds sid’s hand and says I am sorry. Sid says its okay. roli hugs him. simar says roli I think surbhi has the right to know all this. we have to talk to her. roli says surbhi is such a nice girl she accepted anajli and whole family. simar says we have been so unjust to her. Roli says how will surbhi react? simar says it will be painful to her. surbhi has been living with us she has mingled with us. Roli says we should call her here. We should talk to her here. maybe in front of everyone it will be difficult for us to tell her everything. sid says she is right. he says I have to go. roli calls surbhu. Vikran’s operation is ongoing. Sunnaina is in the OT. doctor comes out and says to simar and roli vikran’s life is out of danger. the bruise wasn’t deep. his backbone is not damaged. he can move. Sunnaina goes in the OT again. She swipes her tears.

Surbhi comes to the hospital. Surbhi wanders to them.
Sid is in home and tells everyone who stabbed vikran. mata ji says savita ji did all this ? how can a mother stab her child ? Rajhinder says vikran’s heart is attacked more than his body. I hope he gets strength to live with this truth. mata ji asks how is he now ? Sid says his life is out of danger. mata ji says I hope sunnaina and vikran get the strength, its not easy to live with the truth that your family stabbed you. Mata ji says these type of sinners never get pardoned. sid says in heart what if they all declare simar a deceiver too after know the truth. How should I tell them everything ?

Surbhi asks is prem okay ? roli nods. surbhi says what is it then ? Simar says surbhi we wanna tell you something, surbhi nods. Simar says there is something we have concealed from you. Its your right to know the truth now. Surbhi says sunnaina please be clear. Simar says I am not sunnaina I am simar, simar bharadwaj. surbhi is dazed.

Precap-Everyone is knocking surbhi’s door. they say please open the door surbhi. Sid opens the window and see she is trying to kill herself.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. i cant wait to c how prem and mataji will react when they find out sunaina is simar:|.intresting thats for sure

  2. prem will kick out simar of the hous and will marry surbhi he will also slap her :'(

  3. Yes o too just saw that: ‘(

  4. OMG thats even more interesting.marrying surbhi and thinking of simar haha.those desicion u take when u a mad they end up backfiring u.its terible

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