Sasural Simar Ka 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 26th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Janvi sees shaureya outside her house from the window. What is he doing here i get angry when i see him. Psycho. But i should not be worried about him. He started making the horn. Is he mad? What if someone wakes up? I don’t want any problem before the function. He calls her. I wanna talk to you for 5 minutes. I am not coming. I am telling you not asking. Are you coming down or should i come up?
Next moment she is down there. Why are you here at this time? I thought my slap taught you so many things. You rich boys have all but manners, says she. You are amazing. What ? Is this the answer of what i am saying? says she. Just go and get your treatment from a doctor. What if i don’t says he. A this knife that you are hiding in your hand, are you threatening

me? Or wanna kill me? he gets the knife from her hand and throws it away. Look you are worried. I never thought a tigress fears too. I salute you, shaureya singhanya salutes you. Nobody ever talked to me loudly and you stood up you are different. HE whispers in her ear, i like you. She shoves him away. Stay away from me, says she. I have a lot of girls who crave for my money but you the rare piece who slept me.

Scene 2
Simar goes to Pari’s room if the baby is crying but nobody is wake up there. Roli comes in too, she says to simar that some one was making horn outside and i woke up. They see janvi coming in. Where are you coming from? Whats wrong? Shaureya, he came outside. How dare he? SAys roli. Did he do anything to you? says roli. She remembers him coming close and saying i like you. I have to tell this all to prem now this is too much, says simar. No pleases bhabhi don’t tell him anything, says janvi. She says okay whatever you say.

Scene 3
Next morning everone is busy with the arrangements. Janvi is decorating the house, Mataji asks Sujata if the stuff is ready, she nods. Simar brings in the fruits. Mausi says Puma is maiking the parshsad, oh my God. Sujata asks Simar to get ready and make anjali ready too. Men are amking the food ready. Prem gives the banana leaves. So all the thinngs are ready, says mataji. Just get ready now, says Mausi. Roli says its really good to see that you have forgotten all your problems and are celebrating with us. Now just get ready.

Scene 4
When janvi goes to her room sge gets a call from hospital. Its her dean he says i am really sorry i have called to apologize. I am really repentant over what i did. I want you to join again. Thanks but i am sorry sir i can’t join that job now. Roli says that you don’t ahev to contemplate your decision is really good. Janvi is telling Roli different stories. When she leaves sid pulls Roli in and says i have a surprise for you, he shows her a set.How beautiful is it, yes she is. Its amazing, yes she is. I am talking about the set and i am talking about you says he.Must be precious? She asks, not yet says he. He wears her the necklace. She is so happy. Yes is it now precious? She asks. Not yet even its just a matter of a smile now, yes now it is precious. You know your Sid doesn’t need eyes to see you he can feel you.
he has closed his eyes. She leaves in shyness and he stops her and says today.

scene 5
Simar is getting the baby ready. She is playing with him. Pari and Puma come in and get the baby. What are you doing. She get her baby off the bed first learn how to handle your own girl the touch my grandson, says she.

Precap: Have you thought of any name pandit ji asks Janvi she says no. Mataji says simar has thought a very good name. Wait, Pari intrudes simar wont name my child…

Update Credit to: Atiba

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