Sasural Simar Ka 26th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 26th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Saroj says wait a minute. Take your slippers off first. Anjali takes them off and hits the kalash. She steps in the house. Saroj says step in the bowl and come inside. Anjali walks in the house. Prem says apology is a small word for what happened yesterday. Tao says we are just happy because our daughter is home. Prem says thank you so much. Agarwal says lets forget what happened. Tao ji says lets have tea and start a new beginning. Prem says no no I have to leave. He says to Anjali you can call me if you feel like. Saroj says to Anjali lets go I will show you your room. Vikram says you go I have to make a call. Saroj says this is your room. You are daughter in law, people have hopes but after seeing your behavior in sangeet I can’t hope anything. Everything happened in front of you. Your mom insulted us. Just don’t ruin that remaining dignity. She leaves.
Anjali says in that house I was not able to live because of simar and now here as well. Simar calls her. Anjali picks up and you won’t let me live here as well? You spoiled my life what else do you want. Simar says when you see VIkram’s reality you would know your mom wanted your better. Anjali says only two days pack your stuff and leaves our house. She is about to throw her phone but vikram comes in.
Anjali says I know you are a good man. I know it shouldn’t have happened I have no doubts for you. I hope you will forgive me for what happened. vikram says relax I already have. Anjali says thank you so much. I am so happy after listening this. I will freshen up. Vikram says in heart you are where you had to be and Vadhi where she should have been.

Simar is in jail. She says to Vadhai you shouldn’t have been here. Vadahi says he turned my case against me. Piyush says we will expose him Vadahi don’t stop. Simar says there must be something we can use against him. Vadhai says don’t give me false hope. I went with a new hope to live my life and now see where I am because of you people. Simar says Vadahi please don’t give up like this. My daughter’s life is associated with it. You said you don’t want her life ruined. Vadahi says I did but I have no hope left now. So leave me alone please. Constable asks Siamr to leave. Piyush and Simar leave.

Scene 2
Anajli gets ready. VIkram comes in a jewelry set. He says beauty is her every way, heart doesn’t even know if its a dream or reality. Anjali says I don’t know poetry. she says you are no less and this kurta is class. He says you like it? Tai ji gifted me. Anjali says what are you hiding? He says where? She says show me. He says its a gift for you. Its our wedding night. He opens it. Anjali says it is so pretty. Anjali says this is the same I sent your picture of. He says you liked it I had to bring it. He says try it. Anjali wear sit. He locks it for her. The song labon ko plays in background. Vikram hugs her from back. He picks Anjali up and takes her to bed. Vikram comes close to her. His alarm rings. Vikram sees the time. He rushes out. Anjali is dazed. she says what happened to him all of a sudden. Anjali goes after him. Anjali sees him with Agarwal. he says I am sorry I forgot. Vikram takes Agarwal to bed. He makes him lie there. Vikram says you should have called me. I would come. Anajli says on wedding night he cares about his father’s med. Agarwal says you should be with anjali. Vikram says I am still your son. Agarwal says I don’t know what you did that they forgave you but when everything is okay its good. Don’t do anything that would ruin our image again. Vikram says good night papa and leaves.

Vikram comes back to room. Anjali is using tab. He comes and takes it from her. Vikram says what are you doing? He says I am sorry. Actually it has my personal documents if they get deleted. Sorry. And sorry I left it was papa’s meds time. Anjali says but we have servants here. Vikram says there is a difference between taking care. We have to take care for some people in our life. It makes me feel better. Anjali says am I in the list of those people? VIkram says I have to think about it. She turns other side. Vikram says there are some relations that are most important. You are number one in those. Anjali says I forgot to give you this milk. She slips and the milk spills on his kurta. Anjali says I am so sorry. Vikram says anjali..
Simar wakes up and says why am I so worried. I should call anjali. Prem takes phone from her. Simar says please I am so worried. Prem says we are already embarrassed because of you. Don’t think about talking to her or her family.She is married now. Let her live her life now. Don’t interfere and she will come here you can talk then.

Vikram is washing his hands. Saroj comes in and says vikram where are you? Where is anjali? She sees blood drops on the floor. Saroj says what happened vikram? Blood. She asks this bruise? Did you do anything to.. Why are you not saying anything. [email protected] is anjali and how you got this would. Anjali comes in and says the milk you gave I slipped and it spilt on him. He tries to picks the pieces and it cut his hand. Saroj says you should have called a servant. Sit there I will dress it up. Anjalu says I will do it. Saroj takes the box from her. And says you can’t grow up Vikram. She dresses his wound. Saroj says sleep and rest. She kisses his forehead and leaves. Vikram says good night. Vikram says to anajli what are you thinking? He sleeps. Anajli sleeps as well. Anjali is about to touch him but he turns his face other side.

Precap-Saroj says after wedding the new daughter in law makes food for everyone. Anjali goes in kitchen. She calls KB and landline. No one picks up. Anjali says there is just one way. She calls simar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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