Sasural Simar Ka 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 26th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Shuareya says to simar and roli that i was saying to di i have hurt many people because of me. I was promising her that i will never leave jhanvi and di’s dream to join politics. They are both my life. Jhanvi says i know you both care about me and we are together because of you. Shaureya has really changed. I beg you please trust him he’s my husband and i have all the trust in him.
Roli and Simar leave in anger. Jahnvi says i apologize you. Shaureya says there is no mistake of you jhanvi in this. He remembers that he already saw them.
Shaureya is determine about teaching roli and simar.

Scene 2
Everone is planning the honeymoon of jhanvi and shaureya.
Roli says we can’t do anything. We have to stop them, Simar says how ? They have planned all this. We have only one way. He have to find a proof.

Scene 3
Soniya has made coffee for sid. She says i like to make it. Sid says i have sent an emails to all the leading news papers. I have asked them to remove all your pictures and not to offend you with this anymore. She says thanks to him. Sid says you are my boss and my brother’s friend too. Why don’t you come to our house someday. You will enjoy the meal my roli and simar.

Scene 4
Everyone is in the room and mata ji ask where are jahnvi and shuareya ? Sujata tells her that they have gone outside. Pari comes in and says i have a god news ? Mata ji asks what’s that? She that all the interior work is doen in the shop. Everyone congratulates her. Uma asks her about her sweets. PAri ignores her.
Later uma is sad that pari ignored her but pari says why are you taking the business things personal bhabhi.

Scene 5
Shaureya says hi to soniya. She says hi i am soniya.. He says soniya obroye. How can i forget the name that changed my life. Its because of your name that me and jhanvi are together. She says what you mean ? Shaureya tells her the whole story.
The way roli proclaimed herself to be soniya and the way they got wed. Soniya says what is this sid how can your family use my name ? She says prem you know using some’s name with their consent is a crime. Simar says i know what we did was a crime. I ask your pardon. But we didn’t use it for a bad purpose we just wanted shaureay to understand and get jhanvi her right believe us. We have no lust behind it. Soniya is really angry. Then she smiles and says look at your face i was just joking relax if my name has made two lives one then my name is so lucky in fact i am so happy that my is of some use at least. Prem says we were all so scared. Sujata says you are such a nice girl. She asks simar to get the lunch ready. Shaureya goes upstairs. Jhanvi sees her. He goes in his room. He is angry that eh planned that she will fire case against him. Jhanvi follows him. Shaureya calls Meghna and tells her that he met the real soniya. He says her that it couldn’t work. It doesn’t annoy her at all. Shaureya says she is the girl you wanted me to marry. Soniya is a perfect girl for.. He sees jhanvi standing on the door. He is quiet. He disconnects the call.

Precap-Roli is asking jhanvi to wake up. Shaureya says i have done what i wanted to do. Roli takes everyone in the room. Jahnvi isn’t openning her eyes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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