Sasural Simar Ka 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 26th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says to juwala once the deal is broken we don’t work there anymore. Simar says to prem lets go we have to meet the contractors. Juwala says but what about the luch. simar says lunch is not more important than work. Birju says how about planning a party for them. They will come for sure. We will call the press. Juwala says thats a good idea. She asks Verma to start the arrangements.

Scene 2
Shanti says jhanvi is not wrong. She has participated in the competition to learn something there is nothing wrong with her and bua ji. he says did jhanvi ask you to say all this ? Jhanvi comes and says i didn’t ask her to say anything. Shanti says she is right. jhanvi says you have always supported me. Won’t you support me this time ? Anurag says okay then. She says thank you anurag jee.

Scene 3
Simar and prem come to the house. Simar gets the text from verma. Siamr says looks like juwala doesn’t wanna lose tara and sara. Verma aunty tole me that she is throwing a party fro us. prem says we won’t go in the party. simar says no i think we should go this is too much now. we don’t have much time. Prem says she won’t let us go until she gets her benefit. They go in. Everyone looks so depressed. Simar asks what happened ? Sujata says half of the houses have been take by juwala rets of the people have gone to juwala to give their properties. Roli and sid have gone to stop them.

Scene 4
Roli and sid are trying to stop the people. They says juwala is so powerful we can’t go against her. Roli says please give us 48 hours. They agree finally. Roli says how will we do this ? Sid says don’r worry.

Scene 5
Maat ji reads the advert in the newspaper of the party. She says i think you shopuld go
juwala calls sid and says i wanna talk to sara ji. Sim,ar takes the phone. Juwla says have you seen the party advert ? Simar says yeah you invited whole city for us. Juwala says so many people are coming. Siamr syas we will come.
Siamr gets a call from roli. Roli tells simar that the real tara and sara have come to india. I am here at the hotel to confirm it. Simar is so shocked. She tells the whole family. Everyone is so worried. Simar says if they read the paper we will be in so much trouble.

The real tara and sara read the paper and are so dazed to see who juwala is ? And why has she thrown it in their name. They plan on going to the party.

Everyone is so dazed what to do and how to stop them. Roli says we have to figure out where they live. We have to tell them our story and we ask her to help us.
everyone starts calling different hotels to know about them. Many hotels are denying to give any information.
Khushi is so angry at the hotel manager. Roli says i think we should leave now to meet them.
Simar says to sid and prem lets gets ready for the party.

Scene 6
The party has started. Briju takes them in. Juwala comes and welcomes them. She presents simar a bouqet and says you came on the right time. She says where is tara ? Simar says she had to attend a meeting. She will be here in a bit. Juwala says no worries. Juwala says should i consider that you are happy with me? press takes the photographs. Simar stops them and says we don’t like photos. Juwalal asks birju to take all the press out of the party. simar says to juwala why you gave this party in our honor ? do you think we will change our decision ? We will not change our decision. Juwala is quite. She goes to meet other guests. Siamr asks sid to call roli. Roli calls sid and says before i could reach them they left the party.

The two sisters have reached the party. They reach the counter and tell their names. The receptionist says sara segol is here already. Sara says how can you stop us / They are impersonator. We have called police as well. Roli listens to them and tells everything to simar.

Precap- Sara says if something happens then our name will be ruined. Roli and simar are trying to convince them, juwala comes in and asks who are they ? Tara syas let me tell you..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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