Sasural Simar Ka 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
prem asks sid to come home. sid says i will find her and i will get her arrested. she is taking advantage of her face. Sid runs after and looks for shurti. prem says please go home. Sid says people take advantage of our generosity. She blamed simar, shurti i hidden behind a drum. sid is asking a man, SHe runs and goes to a home. Its vashnavi’s house. Vash asks who are you? Shurti says please let me stay here. Save me from them. vash asks who are you? SHe says i a middle class girl and they are rich. I went to their home for NGO work and they are after me since then. there is a knock at the door. shurti hides behind sofa. vash opens the door. SHe says is shocked to see prem. Vash says prem you here? Prem says vash ji. vash says this is my house. Prem says i am looking for a girl i thought she came here. Shurti is scared that they know each other. sid comes as well. sid says remember you saved my brother? vash says yes. how is he now? Sid says he is better now. he is discharged but he can’t speak. vash says don’t worry he will be fine. prem says he is my brother. We were looking for a girl. she is wearing a blue suit. vash says but no one came here. In fact door was bolted from isnide, they leave.

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sanju comes and asks simar how are you mama? simar syas i am fine, pari says whatever shurti said we wont trust her. We will trust you. sujata says exactly we all trust you. you need rest. sujata asks everyone to come with her. She asks roli to come as well. Roli says lets take sanju as well. she says come here sanju. SAnju doesn’t go with her. simar says no she is not well i will make her sleep here. roli says no you are not well. sanju will you come with me? sanju nods, roli says sanju always listens to me and never breaks her promise. simar is tensed. Everyone leaves, roli bolts the door from inside.

shurti says thanks but.. vash says you want to ask why i helped you even when i knew them. I saw truth in your eyes and wanted to help you. they are nice people but they are troubled. they never harm anyone. She gives roli prashad and water. vash says tell me now what is it? shurti says i came from kanpur here before one month and i work for an NGO. for the same work i went to bharadwaj house, since then everything is ruined.

Fake roli says you did what you felt like. dont force me to cross my limits. Simar says i was.. fake roli says dont lie. you went outside and met her, i thought you dont lie but you have broken your promise as well. you told her half truth that she is roli. it was my mistake. i did everything planned but made this mistake. who knew that she would come to bharadwaj house. Well, now the mistake is done. this is the only chance to rectify mistake. its the death of your sister roli. i have no other option.
simar sits in her feet and says please dont do this, fake roli says she ahs to die, or your wont let me live here. simar says its my mistake i went to her. i will never meet her again please dont harm her. fake roli says i think you realized your mistake, i wont kill her, but you have to get punishment, you will have to slap anjali. simar says what? Fake roli says you have to do this to save your sister, anjali comes in and says i wanna sit with you mama. simar says go and play with sanju. fake roli says anjali stay here. simar says let her go please, fake roli says you have to hit her, simar is dazed.

Precap-shurti vomits blood, vash says you have been hypnotized. shurti says how can you say that? vash says that blood vmoit told me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. the green women is saying to simar I will not kill the real roli but her punishment is that simar need to slap 5 times to Anjali. but Anjali didn’t do anything. poor simar . sad episode. hope the real roli remember everthing

  2. Hopefully she will remember everything

  3. I think the fake roli should die and everyone should get back together again!

  4. I think it’s time for shruti to get her memory bk. Nice pre cap

  5. hope so shruti gets her memory back soon

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