Sasural Simar Ka 26th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 26th April 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 26th April 2013 Written Update

Simar tells Kamini that she came to put mehendi on Roli’s hand. Kamini says Veeru didn’t tell her anything about her and can’t let Simar go in without his permission. She goes to call him, but Simar says Vikram told her to go and put mehendi and why would she go to anyone house like that? Kamini says, I understand but my boss is very tempered person.. I can’t let you in without asking him. She calls, but Veeru’s phone is busy. Simar then says to her with confidence, I don’t have time.. just tell him I had came. Kamini afraid if she lets her go then Veeru will get mad at her so she stops her and lets her come in.

Simar asks about Roli. Kamini says she is doing navratri pooja preparations. This reminds Simar how Roli used to wake up early to do navratri pooja preparations. Simar is very desperate to meet Roli. She tells Kamini that she is thirsty and sends her to get juice for her. As soon as Kamini goes away, Simar starts searching for Roli. After searching a lot, Simar finally sees Roli praying and she is over the moon and can’t stop smiling. She says I knew my Roli is alive. I found my Roli. She goes near her and is about to talk with her, but Kamini comes there and takes Simar on a side. Kamini tells her, I told you to sit here.. what were you doing there? Simar says, I saw matarani so went there. Simar is still glaring at Roli. Kamini asks what are you looking there? Simar says I was just looking at matarani.. today she fulfilled my fish. Roli leaves, and simar can do nothing.

At Bharadwaj house, mehendi girl asks everyone to get up and dance, otherwise what’s point of mehendi ceremony? Naina with emotions say.. whenever I used to go to my friends ceremonies, I used to dance a lot and everyone used to say my wedding ceremonies will be like that too. But here’s no one to celebrate. Khushi tells Mataji that Naina is right and it doesn’t look good to start new relationship like this. Sujata also says we should make this moment memorable for her. Mataji agrees and asks to start song. Khushi says in her mind.. whether you all want or no.. but I will make this ceremony memorable. They start playing dholak and start dancing starting with Khushi. Sid sees them from upstairs and doesn’t like it. Mausiji goes to him. Sid remembers Roli’s dance and smiles. Mausji comes and tells him, I understand your sorrow.. but if not for yourself, then at least come downstairs for family. God will do no wrong with you.. everything will be fine. Naina looks at Sid.

Simar is waiting for Roli to come out as she wants to hug her. Kamini brings Roli and says to sit there and Simar will put mehendi. Simar is lost in her thoughts.. Kamini tells her to do the work and quickly as they don’t have whole day. Roli is not interested in putting mehendi. Simar asks her for her hand. She puts her hand on Simar’s hand and feels something. Simar is very happy. Kamini goes away to clean the house. Simar says this is the chance to talk with Roli.. i should tell her that her Simar didi has came to take her back. She then realizes that Roli has lost her memory and wonders what if she gets angry and doesn’t understand her. She decides to talk with Roli before Veeru comes. Again Kamini comes near and Simar changes topic and waits for Kamini to go away. She says to herself she will need to have patience.

Khushi sees Naina looking at Sid. Khushi tells mehendi girl to put “S” in the design. Naina has a big smile. Sid is not happy.

Simar sees Roli’s sad face and says I can’t see her like this.. I will have to send Kamini away so I can talk with Roli that her sister is with her now and she won’t let anything happen to her. Simar sends Kamini to get some sweets. Simar’s tears fall on Roli’s hand. She asks her why are you crying? Simar shows her face to Roli. Roli glares at her and screen freezes.

Precap: Simar tells Roli that she is her sister. Roli gets scared and asks her to stay away saying Simar has came to kill her.


Update Credit to: Shreya

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