Sasural Simar Ka 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar asks Prem whose call was it and where are you taking Anjali? Prem says Anjali pack up your stuff. Anjali says where am I going? Prem says your home. Anjali says thank you so much dad I love you. She hugs him. Simar says Prem ji.. Prem says a mother hides her daughter’s mistake but a father is fixing mother’s mistake. Mother is so busy with social work someone has to take care of the daughter. Prem says someone has to fix all this. Worst mistake is that I trusted her. I am used to of being played by her. I am going to apologize Vikram’s family and will request them to accept my daughter. Simar says you can’t do this. Prem says I am doing this and I don’t need your suggestion. Piyush says how can you do this with anjali di? KB says don’t say her name, You were running after that Vadhai. KB says Prem your decision is right. We can’t see anjali this way. SImar says don’t be hasty prem ji. Vadhai wasn’t lying. Prem says I don’t want to hear her name, I don’t trust you why would I trust her. All I know is that its about time for my daughter to start her new life. SImar says vikram isn’t a nice guy please don’t do this. I have to stop this. Mataji says listen to me Simar. KB says in heart you can’t stop this Simar.

Anjali is packing her stuff. SImar says please don’t go there Anjali. that Vikram isn’t a good guy. Anjali says I am in a good mood don’t spoil it. Simar says I only want good for you. Please try to understand me I was so happy for your wedding. I took care of everything myself. I wanted everything to be perfect too like every mother. I wanted you to start your new life with happiness. Anjali says difference is that you are not my mother. No mother can’t spoil it because of a stranger. simar says what you wanted? After knowing everything I could let you go with that criminal. Anjali says this is my life I can do whatever I want. You left me in childhood didn’t you? Didn’t think about me back then, then why now? Leave me. I want to go my home. Because I will choose that dark well over living here with you. simar says anjali please. Anjali says I don’t trust you or your vadhai. I will go to vikram and you can’t stop me. Not even you. I will go I challenge you. Anjalu is packing her stuff. Simar says okay I won’t stop you.
You can go. Just promise me one thing. Simar grasps her arm and says I know you are not trusting me right now but In two days with him you will know his reality. You will know I was right. Anjali says in two days you will know your vadhi is a liar. simar says in two days if you see vikram is criminal then you will do as I say. You will have to come back here. ANjali says wonderful you are challenging me? If you prove him criminal in two days I will do what you want. but if he is innocent then you will have to leave this house and my life forever. You will take off this mangalsutra. And sindur take you fake you will remove this as well. And you will never come back. Accept it? Simar says I accept.

Anjali gets ready. Mataji gives her blessings and hugs her. Anjali says thank mataji I am so happy to see you are happy. But i don’t care about the ones who aren’t/ KB says I am so happy as well. A lot of people tried to stop this but they can’t take your fate from me. You will leave this house with all the rituals a mother has to do this all but not everyone is this lucky. Pari bhabhi come. They bring rice, Anjali does all the rituals. Prem recalls when she was little. He used to get her ready for school. Anjali is very happy. Simar gives anjali an idol and says this is for you. This helped in all difficult moments of my life and now because you are starting a new life I want you to take this with you. Please accept it as my blessings. Prem nods. Anjali takes it and says thanks. Prem says lets go anjali. Prem sits in the car. Anjalui says bye everyone. She hugs KB. Everyone is in tears.
Simar says I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t stop her. I hope Vikram doesn’t harm her. I hope he don’t seek vadahi’s revenge from Anjali. Piyush says I will keep an eye on them. I won’t let anything to her.

Scene 2
Saroj says mother insulted us and the father is bringing her here. Agarwal says we should not bkame her. It was Vikram’s fault. Where are you going? Anjali is coming. Vikram says you all are here I am not needed here. Anjali comes with prem. Vikram stops. Tao ji says welcome welcome. Prem ji come in. Saroj says prem you came so late. I thought you might have changed mind. tao ji says saroj welcome our bride. They do all the rituals of welcoming her. Agarwal says Vikram go stand with anjali. Vikram stands with anjali. Anjali says thank God he doesn’t look that upset.
Saroj does their arti. Saroj says slip this kalash and come in. She says wait a minute stop there. Anjali is scared.

Precap-Anjali says to Vikram its the same necklace I sent you the picture of. Vikram says you liked it I had to buy it. Vikram makes her wear it. Vikram comes close to her suddenly he sees time and runs out.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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