Sasural Simar Ka 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli is in her room. she recalls simar telling her that she will not tel anything to anyone. Roli says I have to hide this truth from the family that their simar is alive. She is suffering just because of me. But sunnaian’s husband threaten that he will destroy the whole family. I can’t harm the whole family. What should I do. Sid comes to the room and says you see the news ? Its says a man was getting ready to got to the office but he stopped because he wants to spend time with his beautiful wife. Roli says I am fine now, Sid says you can’t lie to me. I know that you didn’t return because you were not well. I know the reason. Roli is shocked. he says you were missing me so you came back. You missed me right ? Roli smiles and hugs him. Roli asks everything is okay in the house ? Sid tells her about the way surbhi reeacted and told him that prem is getting married for just family. Roli wonders how can surbhi come in prem’s life when didi is alive. SId says what are you thinking ? We will make everything all right with the time. He say lets make them meet each other.
Roli says what should I do now.

Scene 2
pari says uma bhabhi roli must be scared that we could get the keys so she came back. She is well nothing happened to her. Khushi says your hands wil be emptied if you both keep on fighting like that. Pari says the government even changes in 5 years why can’t the keys owner change in two years. pari says when surbhi will come we will get the keys. Pari leaves. Uma says she is right. When surbhi will come we might get the key. Khushi says only she will get the keys. Surbhi and she will be strong together like roli and simar and we will have nothing in the end. Uma says that means we have to be careful ? Khush says no we have to be united. We will get the keys together. Uma takes the vow.

Scene 3
Roli says didi can’t return but I can stop surbhi and prem’s relationship. Surbhi calls her. Roli goes and sits with her. Surbhi says how are you feeling now ? roli says I am well now. Surbhi says if I ask you for something will you give it to me ? Surbhi says sid hs made a planned for lunch with prem. Can I wear simar’s sari. I have decided to accept prem with simar’s love. I will accept him with his past. No one can take simar’s place in his life I don’t want to be. I just want to be like simar’s shadow in his life and make my place. I would need your help in all this. Roli remembers simar hugging her. Surbhi says will you help me in becoming a part of prem’s life. Roli is shocked. Surbhi says tell me roli will you help me or not ? Not just for prem I have be like simar for this family as well. I wanna start this from today. I have to make him believe that I will be with him like siamr and will not let Anjali feel the absence of simar. Roli says okay let me bring it. Surbhi says thank you so much roli.
Roli goes back to the room. She sees a picture of prem and sid on the wall. She says this is all happening because of me. You are suffering because of my mistake. Ic ouldn’t tell you about prem’s engagement. I won’t eb able to see this happeneing. Surbhi is here trying to be part of prem’s life.m How can I stop sid from making prem and surbhi one. Ik should take each and every step carefully. Didi surbhi is trying to be your shadow ins prem’s life and I have to help her even when I don’t want to. Pardon me didi. She opens the closet and takes out simar’s saari. The one that prem helped her in selecting. The one she wore in bahu no 1.

Scene 4
Vikran says you met your sister there. Siamr says it was a coincident. Vikrean says whatever it was I will detsro anyone who tries to come in the happiness of my sister. May it be your sister or whole family. SImar says stop it why would I come back if i had to flee. Why i came here after meeting my sister and daughter. i fulfilled my promise. Vikran says okay but what about your sister. Simar says roli doesn’t know the address or phone number of here. He says she knows the reality fo you now. she will tell the family and cops will start looking for you. Simar says she is my sister and she won’t do any such thing. He says you have to make me a promise that you will never go out of ahmeabad.

Precap- Roli says to aditin your frined died in a car accident that night. Aditi says sunnaina didn’t die in that accident she called me after that accident.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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