Sasural Simar Ka 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 25th June 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 25th June 2013 Written Update

Simar prays God to save her family from this crisis. Khushi and Veeru are anxious to see Jhumki’s face. The girl shows her face and it’s not Jhumki. Khushi and Veeru are shocked!! Simar and Prem are surprised and happy. Simar thanks God for saving her family from this crisis. The show ends. Bharadwajs praise the show. Sujata wonders where Roli and Sid are. Simar says in her mind, I don’t know where Jhumki is either, but wherever she is.. it’s important for me talk to her.

Backstage Sid sees Roli in Jhumki’s avatar. Jhumki tries to justify herself, but Sid says, there is no need to say anything. I know truth already. The truth is that you’re not my Roli.. right? Ms. Jhumki? Jhumki doesn’t know what to say. Sid says, Jhumki from Laxmanpur who just wants her dream to come true and can go to any extent for that. He claps for her and says, you must have made many fools.. but this time you forgot that where your acting is my house, not your stage. You won’t hear claps after this performance. Instead you will see broken heart of my family. What a performance. You didn’t make us realize even for a second that you’re not Roli. I must say what a plan. You’re calling Roli to yourself, but do you know how she won our heart? Not with her face.. but with her heart. You won’t understand this. Jhumki says, I didn’t come to take Roli’s place. Sid asks her to shut and says, don’t take my name from your mouth. Simar comes there now. Sid says, my family may forgive you, but I will make sure I teach you lesson so you don’t think about doing this again to anyone. He drags her with her hand. Simar asks him to stop. Sid tells her, she is not our Roli. She is a fraud. She was betraying us all till now. Simar says, I know it. Sid is shocked. Simar says, she is doing all this because I told her. I brought her home to save our house from Veeru and Khushi. I made her Roli from Jhumki. I knew family will never agree so I had to hide the truth from everyone. Sid says, you could at least tell me.. didn’t you think what will happen to me when I find out the truth? I took this fake girl as my Roli and started living once again. He asks Simar, this is fake Roli then where is my Roli? He begs Simar to take him to his Roli. Simar receives a call from Mataji. Simar tells her, Sid and Roli are with me.. we are coming there soon. Simar then tells Sid, I will answer all your questions, but not now. Everyone is waiting for us outside. Jhumki must continue this drama until court makes its decision in our favor. She requests him not to tell anything to anyone for family’s good. She says, I know I made a mistake but I had no choice. If Roli was at my place, then.. Sid says, enough.. you can’t make me fool anymore with Roli’s name. And your tears won’t affect me. Prem now comes there and says, whatever Simar is saying is true. Sid is even more shocked now.

Sid tells Prem, you also knew that she isn’t Roli? I was waiting and desperate to see when my Roli gets her memory back and when Roli and Sid get together like before. You kept seeing me crying, but didn’t tell me the truth. Why? My family is my strength and weakness as well. Today my family broke me down. Simar says, we accept our mistake, but.. Sid says, you would still hide everything from me if I didn’t see Bantu praying for Jhumki’s show to be successful. And then I found an ad of this show so I came here to find out the truth. And after what I saw here, I was just shocked. I figured why my Roli is not with me despite being with me.

Prem tries to calm Sid down, but he pushes his hand away. He says, if you really cared about me, then you could have told me about this. Simar says, when you called us and said that we only have 2 days to leave our house.. we didn’t know what to do. Then we saw Jhumki and trained her to be Roli. We tried a lot to tell you the truth, but we couldn’t tell you seeing your happiness. We decided to tell you after Khushi and Veeru leave. We did this to maintain our family’s respect. Sid says, but what about the pain they will face after finding out the truth? You didn’t think about that. Jhumki interrupts and says, I don’t have any rights to interfere, but you (Sid) also care about your family’s respect and that is why you didn’t let me perform. Sid says, yes.. I do care about my family’s respect. Here you’re known with Roli’s name and I can’t see anyone saying any bad thing about Roli. But enough is enough.. I will end this drama right now. I will go out and tell truth to everyone.

Precap: None

Update Credit to: Shreya

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