Sasural Simar Ka 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roshni leaves Vadahi’s in the air. Piyush holds her hand. Roshni says Piyush.. Piyush slaps her. Piyush says I couldn’t imagine you can stop this low. Is this your real face? Today everyone will know you really are. He drags her downstairs. Piyush says everyone will know who are you. She says leave my hand please listen to me. Simar says why are you doing this? Piyush says tell everyone what your real face is. Ask her ma what she has done. The one you called your daughter.. Prem says what did she do? Piyush says she is responsible for what happened with roshni. She added that lizard in dessert. Everyone is dazed. SImar says she can never this. There is some misunderstanding. Piyush says I heard it from her own mouth. She was laughing at her condition and even threatening her in this condition. Anjali says can’t even catch a lizard. Piyush says I know her since childhood. she was never scared of lizards. I am sure she did that. Roshni says I did that but I did that to get my love. I can’t live without you. I love you so much. Piyush says shut you. You don’t even deserve to be my friend. Roshni says please.. Piyuush says shut up. I am ashamed that I was your friend. Enough. We are not friend anymore. Get out of this house and my life. ROshni says I can’t live without you. He says I don’t care. You tried to kill my vadahi? You knew I love her you wanted her to die? What has she done? I always thought of you and you did this. Roshni says I wanted your love. You only care about Vadahi. Vikram says to Anjali did you know about all this before? Anjali says how would I know? Piyush says get out of her. Roshni says choti ma you know me. Please talk to him. Simar says you love him? You wanted him this way? You have even lost your friend. how can you stoop so low? You tried killing an innocent human? You have lowered me in my gaze. I brought you up. Roshni says I didn’t want to kill her I just wanted to halt the wedding. Piyush says enough get out of here. Simar says piyus.. prem says don’t stop him. Roshni says I beg you please don’t kick me out. Piyush says you are a stranger for me. We have no place in my life. He throws her outside the house. Roshni says I really love you. He says I only hate you. Piyush locks the door. Roshni is crying outside.

Scene 2
Roshni comes to her own place. She recalls everything. Sumit says rohsni you are back? Roshni starts breaking stuff and crying. Rita and sumit run towards her. Sumit says what happened? Who did this? Roshni says he hates me. He loves Vadahi. She is crying. Sumit says something happened there? Roshni please tell us.You said you have moved on. Roshni says I can’t forget him. I have loved him all my life. I really love him no matter how much he hates me. I will always love him. She sits there crying. Roshni says I will kill myself. I can’t live without him. How can he do this? I have to stop this. I will do something. She runs upstairs and locks herself in the room. sumit and rita say please open the door. Roshni says please leave me alone. I won’t talk to anyone. Sumi says we should break the door. Rita says we should give her some time.

At night, Piyush holds Vadahi’s hand. Piyush says please open your eyes. I can’t see you this way. Please be okay. Everyone is looking at him crying. Prem says doctor says Vadahi won’t open eyes till tomorrow? Simar says then how will wedding happen? Sumit says I hope she is okay by tomorrow. jhanvi says I think we should postpone the wedding. Mataji says there is just one way. We can pray. Simar says God won’t disappoint us.
Everyone is in temple. They pray for Vadahi. Piyush comes there too. He starts ringing bells and prays for her. Simar says Piyush calm down.

Precap-Sumit breaks Roshni’s door. They come in and are dazed. Roshni has slit her wrist and is lying on the bed fainted.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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