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Scene 1
Simar says in heart why does mata ji look so worried. When she goes downstairs, she finds cops. Simar is shocked. Mata ji says she is simar. you can ask her all you want. Inspector asks simar where you three days ago at 2:00 am. simar says I was home. why? He says first tell me where were you? Simar says she is our daughter in law. mausi ji says what kind of question is that. Rajhinder says you can’t blame our daughter. he says I have to ask her question its my duty. simar says I was at home. what case are you talking about? He says you were at bus stand at 2:00 am and I have proofs. Two people are lost daksha baa and leela. They came to your house and left for village but never reached there. You met them at the bus stand. siamr says this isn’t true I never met them after they left. I was home. Simar says yes they came here they came to meet roli and simar but they left after some time. Leela looked worried I called her to ask but she was at bus stand. She told me that they are leaving for dharam pura. he says you are saying half truth. simar says when I talked to her she said they are leaving for dharam Pura why would I go to bus stand at 2:00 am. inspector says you are lying. Prem says she doesn’t lie. Rajhinder says you must have any misunderstanding. We all trust simar she never lies. Mata ji says he is right. inspector says then why is she lying. Tell her to tell us truth. Prem says you cant talk to my wife this way. what proof do you have? inspector says we have proofs. its the CCTV footage of the bus stand. simar was there are 12:00 am there and after that they are lost. Pari comes and says roli is calling upstairs. siamr says don’t let her come downstairs. prem says yes tell her simar will come in some time. pari says I will handle roli and we all trust you/ She goes upstairs. Prem says inspector I would like to watch that footage. He says sorry I cant let you. mata ji says its about our family name. We trust simar but we need to watch the footage. Prem says please. he says we seal the proofs but we don’t have it right now. my man has gone to bring it. I will ask him to come here. Prem says thank you.

Roli says mata ji was looking worried. Why did she call simar? I need to talk to her I am so worried for her. Pari comes in and says roli there is no such thing. simar and uma are arranging food for guests. She has asked me to keep you on bed. she will come to you soon. jhavi syas yes you need rest. She gives her medicine. Sujata says to sid on a side, police is here. daksha and simar are lost and cops doubts simar. don’t tell roli about it. Simar cant come here you have to take care of roli. jhavi says I have given her medicine. Sujata says roli call me when you need me. Roli says sid I wanna talk to didi. he says you can talk about her to me. I will feel alone. He touches her bruise. She screams. siamr says I was checking if the bruise is in your brain. you should rest. you will feel better and so will you all.
Roli says I feel like she is in some trouble. call her here or I am going. Please let me go. inspector gives the footage to prem. He plays it. Everyone is watching carefully. A bus leaves, daksha and leela are standing on the depot. mata ji says they left our house in afternoon what are they doing there are night. A car comes and stops near them. simar comes out of that car. Everyone is startled. She tales to them. They all sit in the car. simar says how is this possible. Inspector says now you all know I wasn’t lying. simar took them in her car. now tell me simar where have to kept them? Prem says I don’t know how truthful this footage is. I can’t believe simar has done this. She loved baa and leela. inspector says everyone has seen the footage. Now don’t tell me its not you. you have to answer me Simar. Simar recalls the chit she found in the temple. She goes in and brings the letter. simar says I found it in temple a few hours ago. mata ji says yes she was in temple a few hours ago. inspector says this letter can’t prove you innocent. you met them and took them somewhere. simar says I don’t know how I am in that footage but I never met them after they left our house. inspector says how can you say no to a proof like this? tell me where are they? siamr says I don’t know where are thet. He says you are hiding something from cops. You have done this to them. I am giving you 48 hours. Think and tell me where have you kept them. Everyone is in a shock. He says I will come after 48 hours and ask the same questions. if you don’t answer you will be in trouble. simar is in tears. Cops leave.

Mausi ji says to simar don’t be scared of cops we are all with you. But confusion in that you were in the footage how is that possible. simar says I don’t what it is. she says mata ji please trust me I don’t know how I am in that footage I just got to know about them a few hours ago. I wanted to tell you all. prem says I trust you completely in fact we all do. Mata ji it feels like there is something else. We have find all this out. We will all solve it. go to roli she needs you. Don’t tell her anything. when simar turns back roli is standing on stairs. Everyone is shocked. Sid says we all trust you.

Precap-A car comes outside bharadwaj house. Driver says to man bharadwaj house is here the man has slept on back seat.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. i guees its nagin (snake) who’s doing this

    1. who is tat snake yaar

    2. I think that snake which suck venom must have died in darampura. so the female serpent came in roli avathar to take revenge.

    3. It is roli, roli is the snake

  3. Aprently the snake is roli

  4. Uff super stupidity

  5. Yaar naagin now what next aliens?

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    1. Naagin means Female snake…

  7. Naagin means Female snake…

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