Sasural Simar Ka 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 25th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Simar is fainted. Baa says to sid and roli she gave her life. Karthik says you both had nothing to do with this story but well now you are here. I won’t let you go fine. Sid comes forward and attacks baa. karthik’s men stop him. Baa points at a camera and says look there. We were playing with you. The cat has to eat the rat. Because of you people I had to kill my son vikran too. Roli and sid are shocked.

Surbhi comes to prem’s room. prem asks is everything okay ? She says I hope everything is good. Roli, sid, sunnaina and vikran all aren’t in their rooms. I called roli but her phone is off. Prem says where can they go at this time. He called everyone but their phones are out of reach. Prem says there must be some problem.

Karthik taikes out the revolver and gives it baa. She points it at roli. then she points it sid. simar opens her eyes and says no please. Baa holds simar with her hair and says she is alive what a wonder. Killing you three together will be more fun. Baa says I will fulfill your last wish sid. You won’t have to see them both dead. Karthik says that means sid will die first. Baa is about to shoot to him. Gandi ji comes in. baa asks everyone to hide. She sits on the wheel chair. Baa says karthik call police these people have killed my vikran. She says what happened to that phantom Gandhi ji ? he says freed her.

Prem says to surbhi take care of sanju and Anjali I am going to hospital to see baa. Jhanvi comes in. prem says why are you back ? She says baa says okay. karthik took her to his house. Prem says Can you give me karthik’s address ? I will go there and see if everything is okay. Jhanvi asks karthik’s address from hospital and gives it to prem. He says I am going there.

Simar says she was killed unjustly and you freed her soul. Baa killed vikran. Please bring sunnaina back. Ghandi says you are sunnaina. She says no I am simar bharadwaj. Baa says this is too much. she stands up and points the gun at Gandhi. baa says Its better to kill you rather then telling you all this. When I am killing three people I can kill four. Gandhi says that means she was right and you have deceived me. Baa says I was tired of pretending in front of you. Karthik says she was sunaina and we killed her. but she didn’t keep calm even after being dead. She dragged them In all this. Baa says then God sent you to us, to detain that soul. Pardon me but have to die. You know my reality now. We have made complete arrangement. Gandhi laughs. baa says you are about to die and you are still dancing. Gandhi says I doubted you when you were telling me the about the death of your son. I felt the pain in sobbing of sunnaina. And you gave me the biggest clue when the fire blew after you left. Simar and roli heave a sigh of relief. Gandhi says that soul will do what she couldn’t do in her life. She will get you to the punishments of your crimes. He says her sobs told me that she s right and you are wrong. I will rectify my mistakes now. I have this put this red thing on that soul and she will be capable of punishing you after that. He says oh God I am going to rectify my mistakes. Baa shoots him. Karthiik laughs. Gandhi falls on the ground.

Precap-roli takes that red thing from baa, sid points a gun at karthik. roli says lets go simar we have to save sunnaina.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Omg I am watching this Drama From the day it started . i never felt boring this is the best one i have ever watched..i love all the characters Specially that chubby roli and Silent Simar…
    pl;z dont end the drama soon ..let the same flow continue…. 🙂 🙂

    All the Best Roli ans Simar…
    I Love u both

  2. harshitha reddy

    i luv simar…………her actng lukzz more genuine dan roli…………….shezz my sweetheart

  3. I like simar more. Roli looks like a teenager even after wearing saree. I think they will adopt sanju since both vikram nd sunaina hav died

  4. even i like roli more than simar.

  5. This is getting very interesting…. lots of drama and fun.. but want to see Vikran up and Prem to see Simar back and Karthik and Baa pleading for their mistakes .. that would be best .. what say??? all you fans of Simar…
    BTW I like Roli more than Simar…

    1. Yh.. I agree with you.. but the last one I don’t as simars’s acting is better than roli and anyways I like simar more than roli.. ots my opinion.. 🙂

  6. it so quit interesting.per plz jaldi show the result yaar.and let perm known the truth.thank for update

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