Sasural Simar Ka 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 25th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Khushi is about to leave when simar and roli come in. Khushi is scared to see. She says i am so sorry for kinjal. how old was his husband. I have all sympathies for her. Roli says I can’t digest that. Simar says lets talk to kinjal and ask what happened and is khushi behind all this ?

Scene 2
Shanti and bhagti come to jhanvi. Shanti says are you up for this challenge or should I talk to her ? Jhanvi says i have to win her heart. bua ji says yeah time will show who wins heart. You won’t get a better chance. There is a competition that you should partiicipate in. She gives her some papers to sign. Jahnvi does. Jahnvi says I am thinking about anurag he must be hurt to know all this but he will be happy when I win this.

Scene 3
Roli says kinjal was not able to talk yesterday. Lets talk to her today. They go to her house and see some men placing some stuff in. Verma says kinjal has left. Simar says how is this possible. They are both shocked. They ask the men who are they ? There is a board that says hat its juwala’s office no . Simar says we should meet juwala.

Scene 4
Roli and simar go to juwala. He men stop her at the gate. Simar says its really important. It won’t take long. Tell her our name. Her PA comes out. Simar says we wanna meet her. He takes them in. Juwala says welcome. Are you both good ? Roli says why you bought mr patel’s house right after is death ? We mean how can kinjal leave the house. How is all this possible ? Juwala asks did you get the breakfast ? Roli says please answer us. Birju says don’t you know whom you are talking to. Juwala stops him. Juwala says I am really sorry to hear about patel. I bought it in dual rate to help kinjal. Birju bring the ppaers and show them. Simat says why kinjal didn’t say anything to us. Juwala says how would I know that. Lets have something to eat. SHe serves them breakfast. Roli says we were doubting her for no reason. He son is shouting.

Scene 5
bhagti says this form must make anurag bugged. She is pregnant. and can’t win.
Anurag comes and sees the form. He sees jhanvi’s sign. He says why you all allowed her ? you know she is pregnant. why are you taking so much stress. He says you don’t need to prove anything. We all know how good of a daughter you are. Did some say anything to you ? bua ji says bhagti is going as well. bua ji says anyone can participate. bua ji says jhanvi is happy with it. Anurag says okay i won’t stop her.

Scene 6
Simar and roli wonder whats going in that room. Juwala comes out and asks what are you doing here? No one is allowed to be here. You should never move freely in someone’s house. Simar says we heard something weird. She says everything is okay. Lets go to breakfast. Simar asks why were you in tears? She says if i tell my problems to others how will i abate theirs. Simar and roli ask to leave. Khushi comes in. She sees roli and simar and stops. Simar says how time has changed for kinjal. khushi sees a Cut on juwala’s hand. She shows it to birju. They dress it. Khushi ask what were simar and roli doing here? Juwala laughs and says look at you like you’ve seen a phantom. Khushi says why you killed her husband. Juwala says people come here with their will and leave with mine. Roli comes in to look for her phone. Khushi sees her.

no precap

Update Credit to: Atiba

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