Sasural Simar Ka 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 25th April 2013 Written Update

Simar comes back to her hotel room. She looks at Roli’s photo and says, you must have had to go through a lot..faced so much pain.. but not anymore.. now your Simar didi has came back to you and I will make sure I take you back to our house.

Prem says I found about Naina’s illness, but still haven’t found any proof to reveal her real face in front of everyone. He gets a call from Simar who is crying on the phone. Prem gets worried. simar tells him that she found Roli.. Prem can’t believe.. he asks her if she met her and why didnt’ she come back. Simar tells him everything. Prem worries for simar as Veeru is very dangerous person… he suggests her to take police help, but simar says no. She says we cant do anything that can put Roli on risk.. I will have to meet Roli

first because I think Roli has lost her memory.. I want to see if Roli recognizes me or not.. if she doesn’t, then we won’t be able to do anything. And if Veeru goes elsewhere with Roli, then it will be very difficult to find her. Prem says, I will finish my work fast and then come there. Simar says, no need to rush.. I will handle everything.. I won’t let anything happen to Roli. She says I am just waiting to see everyone’s reaction when they find out that Roli is alive.. Sid will be so happy. Prem says, but no one will trust us until they see Roli with their own eyes. Simar says, you’re right.

Seems like Pari has ate too much.. Mataji tells her it’s not good to eat too much in pregnancy just like keeping fast is not good during pregnancy.

Mehendi girl comes to Bhardwaj house. Family says no one called her, but the girl says.. there is a wedding in this house, right? And says someone gave her this address. Mataji tells her they didnt call anyone and the girl is about to leave. Khushi comes and says she called her here as Mataji said wedding will happen with all rituals and mehendi ritual is one of the most important rituals. Sid is watching all this from upstairs. Khushi says without mehendi rituals, wedding is incomplete. Mausiji says, she is getting married that’s more than enough.. but Mataji cuts her off. Mataji says there will be mehendi ceremony. Naina is happy. Sid is not happy and he comes back to his room.

He looks at Roli’s photo and cries and says everyone wants to give your place to Naina.. why no one understands that there is no place for anyone else in my heart beside you.. and i can’t even tell them that because of the mistake that I made. Why did you leave me? I feel lonely. Please come back because I love you.. I love only you (holding his pinky). Other hand, Roli feels something. She is looking at her pinky and starts playing with it.. Veeru comes there. read full updates daily only at He asks her what are you doing? Roli says, I felt like I used to do something like this whenever I used to be happy. Veeru says, seems like your condition is getting better.. I hope this smile always remains on your face. And this won’t be possible until your fear goes away.. fear of your family getting to you.. and I think only our marriage can get rid off this fear.

Veeru tells priest that he wants this marriage done with all rituals. He is now going outside for some work and tells Kamini not to leave Roli alone else.. Simar hears this.. she says she has to stop this marriage before it’s too late.. she will have to reach to Roli somehow.

At Bharadwaj house, mehendi ceremony is going on. But there is no music or anything. Mehendi girl says, this is the first time I am seeing no music in mehendi ceremony.. and it is not good for any wedding couple. Khushi says so what if there is no music or dance? Rituals are complete with elders blessings. Mataji says, if we are doing rituals, then why not properly? She asks Khushi to get dholak or drums.

Simar tries to enter house where Roli is staying saying she is mehendi’s girl and came to put mehendi on Roli’s hand. Kamini thinks whether she should let her come in or no.

Precap: Simar sees that Kamini is busy with kitchen work and she starts searching for Roli. Finally she sees her praying.

Update Credit to: shreya

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