Sasural Simar Ka 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simar says she can’t leave Vikrant. Vikrant understands that it’s Sunaina, and not Simar. But Simar then says she can’t leave Sanju and goes inside. Vikrant sees Roli and Sid hiding there. They say they just wanted to make nothing goes wrong. They plan to meet tomorrow as it won’t be safe to talk about Simar and Sunaina in the house so they can save Simar and Sunaina’s soul can rest in peace.

Roli and Sid return home. They see Prem sitting sadly near Goddess. Sid decides to talk to him as Sunaina can’t come near Goddess. Roli says but he’s upset with him. Sid says he will manage and she leaves. Sid tells all truth to Prem that it wasn’t Simar whom he met in Ahmedabad, but he doesn’t believe him. He thinks Sid is making up story. Sid says it’s not a story, but in vain. Prem says Simar has taught him not to trust anyone, in end you have to get hurt. He leaves. Sid is disappointed. He wonders how he can prove the truth to Prem.

Sunaina’s ghost keeps trying to get closer to Vikrant, but he avoids her and then tells her to know her limits well. He respects her a lot and he doesn’t want any embarrassment. For him, she’s Prem’s only. Sunaina’s ghost talks sweet that she was just worried for him and came to see if he’s okay. He tells her to leave him alone and he will be fine in morning.

Prem sees Surbhi not sleeping and asks her why she’s not sleeping. Surbhi says she’s worried for him and can’t see him in this condition. Prem says it’s his problems, he will be fine. She says, but he’s hers and hugs him.

Simar senses it and wakes up from sleep. Sunaina’s ghost comes and tells her she didn’t cross any limit today, but tomorrow she will. Body will be Simar’s, but soul will be hers. Simar sees Vikrant listening everything. Vikrant signs her to be quiet.

Precap: Vikrat and Simar/Sunaina stop at a temple. He says they will spend time there. Sunaina’s soul comes out of Simar and she wonders why she can’t see anything clearly there.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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